China Air Compressors, Spare Parts & Woodworking Tools Export Distribution Network

China Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC is an independent supplier of air compressors, genuine OEM and/or aftermarket compressor parts, air tools, woodworking tools of blades, etc. Working closely with China domestic and international top branded compressors, we are proud to offer a variety of air compressors, spare parts and tools with VERY COMPETITIVE/ DISCOUNTED prices.

As a leading presence for worldwide manufacture industry, China has the advantage of better prices for many mechatronic products. Each year tens of thousands of compressors and the related spares produced in mainland China go to many countries. Buyers from north America (Canada, USA) to south America, from Asia to Africa, Europe, or from Australia to New Zealand (Kiwi) prefer to purchase famous compressors such as Atlas Copco, Doosan (portable compressors), Ingersoll Rand (IR, Gardner Denver), Sullair, Quincy and Chicago Pneumatic  Fusheng, Boge, etc products from China. With China’s economy fast development, more and more Chinese local compressors giants such as Kaishan, CRRC, SCR, Risan, Hongwuhuan, Jaguar air compressors also keep improving the quality while having comperatively cheaper prices. As growing to be a large online distributor based in China, Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.(CPMC) service team, working closely with manufactures, distributors and dealers, has a wide scope of working experiences in air compressors, woodworking tools industry and China/Tibet inbound tourism, each and everyone of our staff has rich life stories and comprehensive experiences in working in factories, marketing, Alibaba & Made-in-China international trade online sales constancy, inbound tourism sales consultancy, etc. We love our mechatronic products trade business which is empowered by our passion to help worldwide companies and communities to enjoy the CHEAP but QUALITY air compressors, woodworking tools and all related spare parts.

Jaguar Air Compressor Company - Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co CPMC China Distribution NetworkWhat Sets CPMC Apart From Other Air Compressors Dealers / Distributors?

CPMC is specialized in selling all kinds of screw air compressors, parts, air filters, oil filters, air/oil separators, lubricating oil, service maintenance kit, intake valve (unloader), check valve (safety valve), minimum pressure valve, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, fan, fan motors, cooler, inline filters, Air-net piping & fittings, woodworking tools of blades, knives, etc. CPMC is a wholesale online in China offering BETTER prices than any of those agents on Alibaba or Made-in-China because of the expensive commission, advertisement cost and transaction fee which is aggressively or outrageously  charged by those platforms due to their namely high traffic. However our own networks enable us to provide the best prices and products to our customers.

Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co., CPMC International Business Divisions:

World famous brands of air compressors and genuine parts;
Chinese Giants of air compressors and spare parts:
OEM spare parts for world famous brands of air compressors;
Replacement spare parts for air compressors;
Woodworking industrial tools of blades;
Tibet/China inbound tourism

Our product range represents the most comprehensive portfolio of compressed air equipment offered for thousands of applications in the Oil, Textile, Food & beverage, pharmacy, cement, mining, autoshops, marine and many more. Our air products consist medium and high pressure piston (reciprocating) compressors, oil-injected screw compressors, oil free screw compressors, vane compressors, centrifugal compressors, portable compressors and drilling rigs. Our mission is to become China’s biggest “DIRECT” online distributor for air compressors, spare parts and woodworking tools, with the MOST attractive price for wholesales, retailers or end user customers all over the globe.

Sichuan Hero Woodworking New Technology Co.,Ltd 四川豪锐木业新技术发展有限公司If you do not have the part numbers, please contact CPMC. we will find it and give you a good discount. No matter whether you are end users or wholesale store owners or retail store owners, you are welcome to deal with us. We are always ready to support your business from China. We believe we can grow together very well after the COVID19. A brighter and vivid picture of the worldwide economy recovery is clearly in our mid now. Believe this, it is happening. Just email to now to get the solutions.

Looking forward to working together with you for a prosperous future.

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Buyer’s Notice:

We are not affiliated with most manufacturers mentioned in (unless parts are remarked as “OEM”). Original Equipment Manufacturer names are the trademarks of each manufacturer. On parts, filters, and lubricant products marked “equivalent” or “replacement,” OEM names and part numbers are for reference only. For some designated products such as controllers panels for specific regional compressors models, the software may not be installed, buyers should reconfirm with us before proceeding the online purchase with CPMC (Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. “成都沛丁“).