Atlas Copco DD+ /DDp+ / PD+ / QD+ series 阿特拉斯科普柯油蒸汽过滤器

QD 145+ Atlas Copco

If oil vapor enters the compressed air stream, they can damage pneumatic equipment and contaminate the final product, which can significantly increase the operating costs of the company. This is why Atlas Copco has developed a series of top air filters that can protect your operations and investments from oil vapor. QDT and QD+ series filters can help you extend the life of your equipment and ensure that your final product meets the most stringent quality standards.

Know your air quality requirements

If you know that QDT or QD+ series filters are your ideal solution, then you can find detailed information about the specifications below.

However, if you are not sure which filter to use and only know that the system must be protected from oil vapor, then you must first understand your air quality requirements. For some applications, the oil vapor in the compressed air stream will not cause problems, such as inflating tires. On the other hand, in a clean room environment, these vapors must be filtered out before contaminating sensitive end products.

Knowing your air quality requirements and standards to comply with will help you choose the right air filter, thereby reducing your investment costs and ensuring you get the maximum benefit from the compressed air system. If you are not sure which ISO standard applies to your operation or what type of pollutants you must protect your system from, you can contact Atlas Copco or consult the table below.

Atlas Copco QD+ series

Atlas Copco’s QD+ series of macro-structured activated carbon will reduce the residual oil content to less than 0.003 mg/m³ through adsorption. In addition, it provides a constant low pressure drop during the life of the filter.

The QD+ filter not only ensures maximum removal of oil vapor, but also minimizes dust release. Thanks to the stainless steel core, epoxy resin sealing cover and filter housing with anti-corrosion coating, they minimize operating costs and are very reliable.

QD+ series filters are also easy to maintain, which further reduces your operating costs. The push-in element and drain connector are designed for easy replacement. The service indicator shows (preventive) maintenance alerts.

Atlas Copco DD+ /DDp+ / PD+ / QD+ series China Prices Reference

DD+/DDp+/PD+/PDp+/QD+ series (with pressure difference indicator)
No# Model Number FAD reference DD+ DDp+ PD+ PDp+ QD+   US$ Price Diameter
1 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 10+ 0.60m³/min 8102260000 8102260026 8102260018 8102263970 8102260034 USD 213 G 3/8
2 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 20+ 1.20m³/min 8102260042 8102260067 8102260059 8102263996 8102260075 USD 280 G 1/2
3 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 35+ 2.10m³/min 8102260083 8102260109 8102260091 8102264010 8102260117 USD 374
4 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 50+ 3.00m³/min 8102260893 8102262402 8102262303 8102264192 8102262345 USD 468 G 3/4
5 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 50+ 3.00m³/min 8102260125 8102260141 8102260133 8102264036 8102260158 USD 468 G 1
6 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 70+ 4.20m³/min 8102260166 8102260182 8102260174 8102264051 8102260190 USD 565
7 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 130+ 7.80m³/min 8102260208 8102260224 8102260216 8102264077 8102260232 USD 845 G 1 1/2
8 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 170+ 10.20m³/min 8102260240 8102260265 8102260257 8102264093 8102260273 USD 987
9 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 210+ 12.60m³/min 8102260281 8102260307 8102260299 8102264119 8102260315 USD 1,055
10 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 310+ 18.60m³/min 8102260323 8102260349 8102260331 8102264135 8102260356 USD 1,409 G 2 1/2
11 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 310+ 18.60m³/min 8102262386 8102262287 8102262329 8102264218 8102262360 USD 1,409 G 2


Contaminant Material Oil Vapor
Filtration Technology Macro-structured Activated Carbon
Test method ISO 8573-5:2001
Maximum oil carry-over (mg/m³)* 0.003*
ISO class 8573-1 [2:-:1]
Average dry pressure drop (mbar) 75
Element service After 2,000 operating hours or 1 year

For flanged filters: after 1,000 operating hours or 1 year


Precede with

Water separation

UD+ or DD+/PD+


油蒸气对压缩空气系统构成严重威胁,它们会损坏气动设备并污染最终产品,从而导致运营成本增加。 阿特拉斯·科普柯开发的优质空气过滤器可以保护您的操作并免受油蒸汽的影响。

如果油蒸气进入压缩空气流,它们会损坏气动设备并污染最终产品,这会显着增加企业的运营成本。这就是为什么阿特拉斯·科普柯开发了一系列顶级空气过滤器,可以保护您的操作和投资免受油蒸汽的影响。 QDT 和 QD+ 系列过滤器可以帮助您延长设备使用寿命,并确保您的最终产品符合最严格的质量标准。


如果您知道 QDT 或 QD+ 系列的过滤器是您的理想解决方案,那么您可以在下面找到有关规格的详细信息。

了解您的空气质量要求和要遵守的标准将帮助您选择合适的空气过滤器,从而降低您的投资成本并确保您从压缩空气系统中获得最大收益。如果您不确定哪种 ISO 标准适用于您的操作或您必须保护系统免受哪种类型的污染物,您可以联系阿特拉斯·科普柯或查阅下表。

阿特拉斯科普柯 QD+系列

阿特拉斯·科普柯 QD+ 系列的宏观结构活性炭将通过吸附将残油含量降低到 0.003 mg/m³ 以下。此外,它还提供在过滤器使用寿命期间保持恒定的低压降。

QD+ 过滤器不仅可确保最大程度地去除油蒸气,而且还能最大限度地减少灰尘释放。由于不锈钢芯、环氧树脂密封盖和带有防腐蚀涂层的过滤器外壳,它们最大限度地降低了运营成本并且非常可靠。

QD+ 系列的过滤器也易于维护,从而进一步降低您的运营成本。推入式元件和排水接头设计用于轻松更换。服务指示器显示(预防性)维护警报。

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