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Liutech Compressor Filters Catalog is updated by Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC. Our manufacturers master the top design technology and fully understand the performance of high-quality filter materials. Our air compressor filter element factory imports world-class filter materials such as German HV, South Korea Ahlstrom and other world-class brands to ensure the quality of LiuTech compressor air filter, oil filter and oil fine separator, to ensure the safe and stable operation of LiuTech air compressor, economical and efficient.

Please check the table below to find replacement parts for Liutech compressor filters. Enclosed, there are Liutech air filters, oil filters and air/oil separators. The product part model numbers are listed in the table. For those not listed, please contact us for more information.





 LU510-5.5/7.5 KLZ02-01 SH8119 DF5010
 LU610-11/15 KLZ02-01 SH8119 DF5005
 LI710-18.5/22 KLZ04-01 SH8119 DF5006
 LU810-30 KLZ04-01 SH8119 DF5004
 LU910-30 KLZ12-01 SH8149 DB2186
 LU910-37 KLZ12-01 SH8149 DB2132
 LU910-45/55/75 KLZ10-01 LW1330 DB2188
 LU1000-110/132 KLZ20-01 LW1330 DB2138
 LU2000-315/355/400 KLZ20-01 LW1330 DB2084
 LU1000-160 KLZ30-01 LW1330*2 DB2090
 LU2000-200/250 KLZ30-01 LW1330*3 DB2090*2
 LU5-11 2205-1068-02 2205-4000-05 2205-4065-08
 LU15E 2205-1068-02 2205-4000-05 2205-4065-09
 LU15-30E 2205-1164-01 2205-4000-05 2205-4065-07
 LU30-55E 2205-1312-01 2205-4319-00 2205-4065-03
 LU55-90E 2205-4904-93 2205-4319-00 2205-4065-12
 LU90-110 2205-4338-06 2205-4319-00 2205-4065-02
 LU132-180 2205-4338-06 2205-4319-00 2205-4365-14
 LU200-250 2205-4904-20 2205-4319-00 2205-4904-16
 LU315-500 2205-4338-07 2205-4319-00 2205-4904-16

World Top Compressors Filters Genuine or Replacement by China Supplier CPMC

Here with CPMC, we provide high quality filtration replacement products (air filters, oil filters and air/oil separators) for Liutech Air Compressors. Meanwhile if you are looking for genuine OEM filters for Atlas Copco Air compressors, Ingersoll Rand air compressors, Sullair air compressors or other brand like Boge, CompAir, etc, here with Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC, we also provide great discounts for the originals. Learn more about CPMC: China Air Compressors and Genuine Compressors Parts Exporter.

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