Atlas Copco Refrigerant Air dryer Models F330+-F4170+ VSD and Prices

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Reliable air compressors and original parts supplier China air compressors trade service company team always provide the informative and timely information about the Atlas Copco air dryers. In this post, lets talk about the Environmental Protection Atlas Copco Refrigerant Air dryer F330+-F4170+ VSD Series (models: F330+A, F410+ A,F600+ A, F750+ A, F850+ A, F1000+ VSD A, F1250+ VSD A, F1670+ VSD A,  F330+ W, F410+ W, F600+ W, F750+ W, F850+ W, F1000+ VSD W, F1250+ VSD W, F2500+ VSD W, F3300+ VSD W, F4170+ VSD W). Get a glimpse at the specification /parameters and the price references. 

Atlas Copco Refrigerant Air dryer Models F330+-F4170+ VSD and Prices

Product price reference list: Environmental Protection Atlas Copco Refrigerant Air dryer F330+-F4170+ VSD
F330+-850+ (10 working days); F1000+VSD-3300+VSD (10 weeks); F4170+VSD (12 weeks) Effective date of implementation valid till end of 2021 Place of Origin: Wuxi; Price is reference only and it is subject to change, price and stocks availability reconfirmation is needed.

Refrigerator Product No. Inlet FAD Inlet T Max  Eco Friendly G/DN Flange EXW
Model PN m³/min   ℃ bar  Refrigerant Access US$
F330+ A 8102350642 20 35 13 R410a 3″Threaded 4,183
F410+ A 8102350644 25 35 13 R410a 3″Threaded 6,815
F600+ A 8102350646 35 35 13 R410a DN100 8,377
F750+ A 8102350648 45 35 13 R410a DN150 9,960
F850+ A 8102350650 50 35 13 R410a DN150 11,595
F1000+ VSD A 8102350652 60 35 13 R410a DN150 17,927
F1250+ VSD A 8102350654 75 35 13 R410a 3″Threaded 23,065
F1670+ VSD A 8102350656 100 35 13 R410a DN200 34,555
F330+ W 8102350643 20 35 13 R410a 2.5″Threaded 4,078
F410+ W 8102350645 25 35 13 R410a DN100 6,731
F600+ W 8102350647 35 35 13 R410a DN100 8,230
F750+ W 8102350649 45 35 13 R410a DN150 9,855
F850+ W 8102350651 50 35 13 R410a DN150 11,050
F1000+ VSD W 8102350653 60 35 13 R410a DN150 17,823
F1250+ VSD W 8102350655 75 35 13 R410a DN150 22,540
Reference Condition Standard 100 35 13 R410a DN200 34,073
Standard Set Due Point 125 35 13 R410a DN200 41,097
F2500+ VSD W Voltage 380V/50HZ/3Phase 13 R410a DN200 50,113
F3300+ VSD W Drain Valve Auto-Electrical
F4170+ VSD W Packing Wooden Case
Correction factor
Inlet Pressure              
  Standard F330+ F410+ 以上        
Inlet Temperature
Reference status
Dew Point 3℃ 3℃        
Voltage 230V/50HZ/1P 380V/50HZ/3P        
Auto Drain Auto-drain        
Packing Wooden Case        
Dew Point          ℃              
Correction factor  
Intake pressure bar 6 7 8 9 10 13
  K1 0.97 1 1.03 1.06 1.08 1.12
Intake air temperature 35 40 45 50 55  
  K2 1 0.82 0.69 0.58 0.45  
Ambient temperature 25 30 35 38 40 45
  K3 1 0.91 0.81 0.72 0.62 1.00

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