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Jaguar Air Compressors and quality spare parts industrial news: Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC China, as one main online DIRECT distribution network focusing on exporting cheaper Jaguar air compressors and spares products to International buyers updates this blog release.

The Advantages of Jaguar Refrigerant Air Dryers

Low dew point

Under standard working conditions, the pressure dew point can reach below 5°C, and the outlet air atmospheric dew point can reach below -20°C.

Efficient pre-cooling regenerator

Use high-quality and efficient threaded copper tubes or smooth tubes, with high heat transfer coefficient, and adopt a counter-current heat exchange method, which is more energy-efficient and stable than ordinary downstream methods.

Efficient and professional gas-liquid separator

Collision separation + low-speed centrifugal separation + stainless steel wire mesh demister separator, 99.9% of the liquid water is separated from the cooled compressed air to prevent secondary evaporation of moisture and ensure the quality of the finished gas Low dew point quality.

High-quality hot gas bypass valve

This automatically balances the pressure on the high and low pressure sides, reduces the load on the compressor, reduces power consumption, stabilizes the evaporation pressure, and ensures that the machine can still operate normally in a low temperature environment.

Increase the heat transfer area of ​​the heat exchanger and condenser

The design parameters reserve more than 20% margin to ensure that the machine can still operate stably in harsh environments.

Complete intelligent protection device

Special protection functions such as refrigerant high and low voltage protection, phase sequence lack phase protection, low temperature protection, automatic defrosting, automatic shutdown of faults, automatic alarm, and motor overheating protection.

High-quality refrigeration accessories

Compressors from Panasonic and Copeland, expansion valves from Danfoss and Emerson, Guanya gas-liquid separator, Saginomiya pressure controller, etc. are all internationally renowned brands.

Jaguar Air Compressor System - China Reputable Air Compressor Brand
Jaguar Air Compressor System – China Reputable Air Compressor Brand

Humanized design

Scientific and reasonable structure design, novel appearance, elegant appearance, convenient operation, maintenance, and maintenance, and simple installation (no foundation).

Strict factory inspection

Each machine has a type test before leaving the factory to ensure that the factory products are 100% qualified.

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