Jaguar Refrigerated Air Dryer (5-45°C) Special Discounts 2021

ED-10F Jaguar Air Dryer For Air Compressors

Jaguar Air Compressor has been a well-known leading air compressors after treatment equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China for 30 years. If you are seeking great quality for after treatment equipment at competitive price, you are on the right page. CPMC China works as a wholesale distributor of Xiamen East Asia Machinery Co.Ltd provides the full series of Jaguar air compressors, original spare parts from our factory. And we are looking forward to supporting your company with better prices and faster response time. No mater whether you are air compressors retailer store, or maintenance service center, or wholesaler in your country, you can expect to receive our agent special discounts. In this post, you will get a glimpse of the after treatment – the refrigerant air dryers latest prices.

Jaguar Refrigerant Air Dryer Prices -CPMC China Distribution Network Aug.2021.xlsx

Jaguar Air Dryer Model Volumn(m3/min)Working PressureMarket Price
Special EXW
Offer US$
ED-10FC 1.54-10bar1287696
ED-20FC 2.84-10bar1433775
ED-30FC 44-10bar1579854
ED-50FC 74-10bar21661171
ED-60FC 94-10bar25341370
ED-75FC 114-10bar28631548
ED-100FC 144-10bar36001946
ED-125FC 184-10bar55092978
ED-150FC 234-10bar73483972
ED-200FC 284-10bar84484567
ED-250FC 344-10bar108375858
ED-300FC 394-10bar119756473
ED-350FC 454-10bar152428239
ED-400FC 534-10bar2130611517
ED-500FC 674-10bar2350612706
ED-550FC 804-10bar2644514295
ED-600FC 904-10bar2879515565
Refrigerant Air Dryer of Jaguar Brand, China local top standard air compressors after treatment distribution network (Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC China), Price maybe subject to change, it is always accurate upon instant inquiry. Any questions please feel free to email to! Thank you!
  • 1. The specification is subject to change without notice in advance.
  • 2. The price is valid from Aug/01/2021 and only for JAGUAR standard configuration.
  • Any applying of different parts has to be charged additionally.
  • Email: for the latest quotation on Jaguar air dryer.

Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC China released above air dryers price, for more information, learn more about:

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