Redefinition: Atlas Copco Releases a New Generation of Filters UD+, DD+/PD+, DDp+/PDp+ and QD+ Series

Atlas Copco China New Generation of Filters for better air

Do you think: In the compressed air equipment, the filter is a trivial auxiliary equipment, there is no quality at all? Or in order to ensure that the compressed air supply is not stopped during maintenance and replacement of the filter element, it is necessary to install additional bypass pipes and valves?

The user purchases compressed air system equipment to obtain compressed air. The unclean compressed air contains various oil, dust, water and other impurities and pollutants, which will damage your pneumatic equipment, your production process and your final product. Clean compressed air is very important to you, and the filter is a necessary product to ensure that you get clean compressed air.

In July 2021, Atlas Copco released a new generation of UD+, DD+/PD+, DDp+/PDp+ and QD+ series filters.

The subdivided product categories can meet the requirements of various production process conditions for compressed air quality. The newly listed filter combinations will ensure that you get high-quality compressed air.

At the same time, it has a TÜV Rheinland certification test certification report according to ISO8573 and ISO12500 standards.

# inPASS™ # Bypass filter

The inPASS™ bypass filter is a truly revolutionary product of filtration technology. In general, in order to ensure an uninterrupted supply of compressed air during maintenance and replacement of filter elements, users have to install bypass pipes. If there is no additional bypass pipeline installed, no matter in production or after a shift, the compressed air system needs to be shut down and the compressed air supply is stopped when the filter is maintained and replaced.

Atlas Copco Filter’s Technological Innovation

Atlas New FiltersAtlas Copco’s new generation of inPASS™ bypass filter changes the compressed air path by adjusting the end during maintenance. There is no need to install a bypass pipe, no need to suspend the production process, and no need to arrange time to replace the filter element after get off work. It is a product that truly provides uninterrupted service, which greatly reduces losses and saves costs.

You know now: For Atlas Copco, we understand that a filter is not simply a trivial device added to the pipeline. It is an important part of your compressed air system to ensure the quality of compressed air.

Atlas Copco has been committed to ensuring your compressed air quality and reducing your operating costs through various innovative designs and improving the quality of each component of the compressed air system. Our new generation of filter series will surely be the wise choice for your compressed air system.

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