Do you know all these functions of an Air Tank (Receiver)?

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Many people may be familiar with air compressors, but they may have been wondering why such a large air storage tank is always connected behind the air compressor. What is the purpose of using gas storage tanks?  Here is to share some knowledge about air storage tanks. Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co., a fast growing online distributor in China, providing one stop shop full services for world top air compressors such as Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, Quincy, Chicago Pneumatic and some other China domestic giants such as Kaishan, Hongwuhuan, Jaguar etc compressors and spare parts services.

1 Why is it called an air tank?

One is the function of storing air to prevent the pressure drop of the system when the load increases sharply, so it is called a gas storage tank.

The second is to play a buffering role, reducing the airflow pulsation at the outlet of the air compressor, also called a buffer tank.

2 What is the function of the air tank?

01 Dewatering and degreasing function

The large surface area of ​​the air storage tank can initially cool the compressed air, condense and precipitate some water and oil, and achieve a certain effect of dewatering and degreasing; reducing the load of subsequent drying and degreasing equipment.

02 Energy saving effect

The air storage tank can achieve the effect of stabilizing and maintaining pressure. When the system pressure is above the start pressure of the air compressor, the air compressor will be in a shutdown state, which can avoid the frequent start and stop of the air compressor and waste electric energy.

03 Protect air compressor

As a power equipment, if the air compressor is frequently started and stopped during work, it will increase the wear of the valve. On the other hand, the oil circuit and the gas circuit are unstable, which will cause damage to the equipment components. If the air storage tank is configured, it can be avoided. The frequent start and stop of the air compressor protects the air compressor.

04 Provide a stable air source

The gas storage tank can ensure that the gas source is maintained within a certain pressure setting range, and the back-end gas system can obtain a constant pressure, which is essential for the gas supply in the factory.

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3  You should pay attention to following aspects when using the air tank:

01 Clear theme materials and specifications

When purchasing a gas storage tank, you must select the type according to the gas volume and pressure level, choose products from regular manufacturers, ensure the quality of the main materials of the gas storage tank, and prevent uneven steel plate thickness, substandard mechanical properties, and welding defects that directly affect the storage. The safe use of gas tanks.

02 Equipped with necessary safety accessories

According to the requirements of safety inspection regulations, the pressure vessel must be equipped with an overpressure relief device (safety valve or bursting disc) and a pressure gauge according to the design requirements; in addition, for the gas storage tank behind the piston machine, it should be placed between the piston machine and the gas storage tank. Install a check valve; between the compressor and the check valve, a vent pipe should be installed, and a muffler should be installed on the vent pipe; a shut-off valve should not be installed between the piston air compressor and the gas storage tank; but the gas storage tank and the gas supply A shut-off valve should be set between the main pipes.

03 Prevent pipe vibration

The suction and discharge process of the air compressor is intermittent, causing the pressure and speed of the airflow in the pipeline to be pulsating and periodic, which will cause the pipeline to vibrate. If the gas storage tank is installed improperly, the base is not fixed, and the installation distance between the tank body and the air compressor is not installed according to the design requirements, it will aggravate the vibration of the pipeline, which will cause the various connection parts to become loose due to repeated vibrations and other hazards, which may cause leakage. Heavy will cause an explosion.

04 Prevent oil accumulation in the tank

The front air source uses an oil-lubricated air compressor, which will bring in a large amount of grease with the compressed air, and particles such as rust or dust will easily form deposits in the air tank and cause oil accumulation. Accumulation of static electricity or other improper operation may cause spontaneous combustion and explosion. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in the drainage of the gas storage tank, strictly control the discharge temperature of the compressor, set up grounding protection, and strengthen the compressor suction filter and compressor Oil removal and filtration of the back-end pipeline.

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