Atlas air compressor model catalog from CPMC(China)


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    Atlas air compressor model catalog from CPMC(China)

    阿特拉斯二级压缩螺杆空压机GR110-200 FF Atlas two-stage compression screw air compressor gr110-200 FF
    阿特拉斯低压螺杆空压机GL(A) 90-250  5.5bar Atlas low pressure screw air compressor GL (a) 90-250 5.5bar
    C系列阿特拉斯筒状活塞式高压压缩机 C series atlas cylindrical piston high pressure compressor
    DM系列阿特拉斯活塞式微油高压压缩机 DM series atlas piston micro oil high pressure compressor
    HX和HN系列阿特拉斯无油活塞式空气和气体压缩机 HX and HN series atlas oil-free piston air and gas compressors
    EC系列阿特拉斯膨胀压缩机适用于碳氢化合物和石油化工业 EC series atlas expansion compressors are suitable for hydrocarbon and petrochemical industries
    EG系列阿特拉斯膨胀发电机适用于地热和废热 Eg series atlas expansion generator is suitable for geothermal and waste heat
    ET阿特拉斯系列透平膨胀机适用于碳氢化合物应用 Et Atlas Series turboexpanders are suitable for hydrocarbon applications
    GT系列阿特拉斯离心式压缩机适用于空气和工艺气体应用 GT series atlas centrifugal compressors are suitable for air and process gas applications
    RT系列阿特拉斯单轴离心式压缩机 RT series atlas single shaft centrifugal compressor
    T系列阿特拉斯离心式压缩机适用于下游应用 T series atlas centrifugal compressors are suitable for downstream applications
    阿特拉斯压缩机PPPE生产用PolyBlock TM 标准非齿轮 Atlas compressor pppe production polyblock TM standard non gear
    阿特拉斯压缩膨胀组合机整体齿轮式 Atlas compression and expansion combination machine (integral gear type)
    标准化阿特拉斯离心空气压缩机TurboBlock™专为发电行业而设计 Standardized atlas centrifugal air compressor turboblock ™ Designed for the power generation industry
    阿特拉斯无油螺杆压缩机ZR 160-315 Classic VSD+ Atlas oil-free screw compressor Zr 160-315 classic VSD+
    阿特拉斯无油螺杆压缩机ZT-55-160Classic Atlas oil-free screw compressor zt-55-160classic
    阿特拉斯无油旋齿式压缩机ZT 15-45  ZT 18-55 VSD Atlas oil-free rotary gear compressor ZT 15-45 ZT 18-55 VSD
    阿特拉斯高压无油往复式活塞空压机P37-275 Atlas high pressure oil-free reciprocating piston air compressor p37-275
    阿特拉斯紧凑型无油活塞空压机LE-LT-LF-LB Atlas compact oil-free piston air compressor le-lt-lf-lb
    阿特拉斯铝制活塞式无油压缩机LFx Atlas aluminum piston oil-free compressor LFX
    阿特拉斯配备高压活塞增压机的无油中压螺杆空压机ZD800-4000 Atlas oil free medium pressure screw air compressor zd800-4000 equipped with high pressure piston booster
    阿特拉斯造雪机专业配套活塞空压机LE SNOW Atlas snow Maker Professional matching piston air compressor Le snow
    阿特拉斯高压活塞空压机LB7-300 Atlas high pressure piston air compressor lb7-300
    阿特拉斯科普柯移动空压机电驱动系列 Atlas Copco mobile air compressor electromechanical drive series
    阿特拉斯移动空压机大型高风压系列 Atlas mobile air compressor large high air pressure series
    阿特拉斯移动空压机大机钻探专家系列 Atlas mobile air compressor drilling expert series
    阿特拉斯移动空压机大型中高风压系列 Atlas mobile air compressor large, medium and high air pressure series
    阿特拉斯移动空压机小机8系列 Atlas mobile air compressor small machine 8 series
    阿特拉斯移动空压机增压机系列 Atlas mobile air compressor booster series
    阿特拉斯移动空压机中机中低风压系列 Atlas mobile air compressor medium and low air pressure series
    阿特拉斯低压无油螺杆式空压机ZE-ZA2-6系列30-522KW Atlas low pressure oil-free screw air compressor ze-za2-6 series 30-522kw
    阿特拉斯科普柯无油离心式空压机ZH-ZH+355-3150KW Atlas Copco oil-free centrifugal air compressor zh-zh + 355-3150kw
    阿特拉斯无油螺杆空压机ZR.ZT55-900KW Atlas oil-free screw air compressor zr.zt55-900kw
    阿特拉斯无油旋齿空压机ZR-ZT15-55KW Atlas oil-free rotary gear air compressor zr-zt15-55kw
    阿特拉斯激光切割高压专用配套空压机G11-22KW Atlas laser cutting high-pressure special matching air compressor g11-22kw
    阿特拉斯科普柯喷油螺杆压缩机G90-355KW Atlas Copco oil injection screw compressor g90-355kw
    阿特拉斯永磁变频空压机GA7-75 VSD iPM Atlas permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor ga7-75 VSD IPM
    阿特拉斯喷油螺杆空压机G4-90KW Atlas oil injection screw air compressor g4-90kw
    阿特拉斯变频喷油螺杆压缩机GA7-110 VSD+ Atlas variable frequency oil injection screw compressor ga7-110 VSD+
    阿特拉斯喷油螺杆空压机GA11-26KWGA 11+-30KW Atlas oil injection screw air compressor ga11-26kwga 11 + – 30KW
    阿特拉斯永磁变频喷油螺杆空压机GA18-75KW VSD Atlas permanent magnet variable frequency oil injection screw air compressor ga18-75kw VSD
    阿特拉斯科普柯喷油螺杆空压机GA30-90KW Atlas Copco oil injection screw air compressor ga30-90kw
    阿特拉斯科普柯喷油螺杆空压机GA90-500KW Atlas Copco oil injection screw air compressor ga90-500kw
    阿特拉斯空压机活塞空压机LT LF Atlas air compressor piston air compressor LT LF
    阿特拉斯NGP系列制氧机和NGM制氮机 Atlas NGP series oxygen generator and NGM nitrogen generator
    阿特拉斯无油喷水螺杆空压机AQ15-55KW Atlas oil-free water jet screw air compressor aq15-55kw
    阿特拉斯无油活塞空压机LZ7-20 Atlas oil free piston air compressor lz7-20
    阿特拉斯无油涡旋空压机SF1-6KW,2-22+KW Atlas oil-free scroll air compressor sf1-6kw, 2-22 + kw
    阿特拉斯低压无油螺杆式空压机ZE3S系列37-90KW Atlas low pressure oil-free screw air compressor ze3s series 37-90kw
    Uair阿特拉斯医用空气系统 Uair atlas medical air system
    MED+阿特拉斯医用空气干燥机 Med + atlas medical air dryer
    ES-Medical阿特拉斯医用中央控制器 Es medical atlas medical central controller
    AQ-MED阿特拉斯医用喷水式压缩机 Aq-med atlas medical water jet compressor
    SF-MED阿特拉斯医用无油涡旋式压缩机 Sf-med atlas medical oil-free scroll compressor
    LF-MED阿特拉斯医用无油活塞式压缩机 Lf-med atlas medical oil-free piston compressor
    ZT-MED阿特拉斯医用无油旋齿式压缩机 Zt-med atlas medical oil-free rotary gear compressor
    GAVSD+ MED阿特拉斯医用喷油螺杆式压缩机 Gavsd + Med atlas medical oil injection screw compressor
    GA-MED阿特拉斯医用喷油螺杆式压缩机 Ga-med atlas medical oil injection screw compressor
    LT KE阿特拉斯船用启动空气水冷活塞式空压机 LT Ke atlas marine starting air water cooled piston air compressor
    MAS阿特拉斯船用喷油螺杆式压缩机 MAS atlas marine oil injection screw compressor
    GAR阿特拉斯轨道车辆用喷油螺杆式空压机 Fuel injection screw air compressor for Gar atlas rail vehicles
    LFpR 和 LFxR阿特拉斯轨道车辆集电弓用无油空压机 Oil free air compressor for pantograph of LFPR and lfxr atlas rail vehicles
    SFR阿特拉斯轨道交通用无油涡旋式空压机 SFR atlas oil-free scroll air compressor for rail transit
    用于甲烷的GG系列阿特拉斯气体螺杆压缩机 GG series atlas gas screw compressor for methane
    BBR/FBR/VIP系列阿特拉斯高压CNG压缩机 BBR / FBR / VIP series atlas high pressure CNG compressor


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