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Buy Genuine Atlas Copco Parts with China Supplier CPMC, Save Up to 15%

Air compressor parts are mainly some conventional vulnerable parts. Genuine Atlas Copco Air Compressors Parts play an important role for customers to achieve excellent productivity. As growing to be China’s large online air compressors and parts store serving international buyers, Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC takes pride in using our company’s own website (AirCompressorsTrade.Com) as DIRECT distribution network, our prices are 5-15% cheaper than any middle agents on the third party platform like Alibaba or Made-in-China, etc.

Genuine Atlas Copco Air Compressor Parts Classification – Special Offers 2021-2022

1. Sensor: temperature sensor, pressure sensor.
2. Controller: computer board, relay board, plc controller, control panel box, operation panel box.
3. Valves: solenoid valve, rotary valve, pneumatic valve, relief valve, one-way valve, temperature control valve, thermal control valve, safety valve, temperature control valve spool, proportional valve, containment valve, pressure maintenance valve, inlet Air valve, regulating valve, expansion valve, check valve, shuttle valve, pipeline filter, automatic drain valve, pressure reducing valve, pressure regulator.
4. Filters and oil: air filter, oil filter, oil and gas separator, lubricating oil, pipeline filter, automatic drain valve.
5. Air end: Airends, bearings, shaft seals, shaft sleeves, gears, gear shafts, overhaul.
6. Maintenance kits: maintenance kits for main engine, unloading valve, pressure maintenance valve, rotary valve, temperature control valve spool, intake valve, coupling elastomer, etc.
7. Cooler: fan, radiator, heat exchanger, oil cooler, rear cooler.
8. Switch: pressure switch, temperature switch, emergency stop switch, differential pressure switch.
9. Transmission device: coupling, elastic body, plum blossom cushion, elastic block, gear, gear shaft.
10. Hose: intake hose, high pressure hose.
11. Start plate: contactor, thermal protection, reverse phase protector, line bar, relay, transformer, etc.
12. Cushioning parts: shock-absorbing pads, expansion joints, expansion valves, elastomers, plum blossom pads, elastic blocks.
13. Meters: timer, temperature switch, temperature indicator, pressure gauge, decompression gauge.
14. Motors: Permanent magnet motor, variable frequency or variable speed motor.

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