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Welcome to purchase original and Genuine Atlas Copco and the sub-company compressors airend from China supplier-Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC! We have “Brand New Original air end stocks in our warehouse”,  delivery leading time is within 1 week after full payment received!

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Buy “Genuine Atlas Copco Air ends with Stocks” from China inner resources, Save for more imports!

The Genuine Atlas Copco air ends are available for oil-injected screw compressor, oil free screw compressor, oil free scroll compressor and portable compressors. For quick quotation reconfirmation, please provide the designated part numbers, air compressors models, etc. Please note that, every year, many Pakistani business people came to China to order second-hand used air ends and then they repair and refine it to sale with high prices in their market, HOWEVER, here, we supply “BRAND NEW ORIGINAL” with GREAT prices, while we also do have second hand used air ends which is FAR cheaper in China.

Here below we list few examples of the Atlas air ends and 2021-2022 promotion price for your reference:

1) Atlas Copco Compressor Air end 1616 5789 82 BLT-25A 30A 40A Air End Bolaite Compressor (Atlas Sub Brand) Market Price US$6,950.0 Promotion Price $3,700.0
2) Atlas Copco Compressor Air end 1616 6792 81 -1616 7472 81 Air end ZR/ZT Oil-Free Screw Air Compressor Market price $29,000.0 Promotion Price $16,000.0
3) Atlas Copco Compressor Air end 1616 7103 80 Air End for Atlas Rotary Screw Air Compressor Market Price $1,995.0 Promtion price $1,350.0
4) Atlas Copco Compressor Air end 1616 7146 81 / 7146 82 / 7146 92 Portable Air Compressor Air End C146 Market price $18,700.0 Promotion price $9,200.0
5) Atlas Copco Compressor Air end 1616 7146 83 – 1616 7146 93 Air End for Atlas Copco Air Compressor Market price $11,500.0 Promotion price $7,000.0
6) Atlas Copco Compressor Air end 1616 7256 81-1616 7256 91 Air End C168 for GA90-110-132-160-180VSD-GA200-250 Market price $30,600.0 Promotion $15,900.0
7) Atlas Copco Compressor Air end 1616 7281 80 – 1616 7281 90 Air End C111 for Atlas GA37+ _ GA75 Market Price $10,000.0 Promotion $4,995.0

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    2 thoughts on “Atlas Copco Air end China Prices

    1. Hassan says:

      Do you guys provide Atlas Copco air end for portable compressors? For mining, we will need original parts for our portable compressors, please tell me whether you can help us with reliable solution, and of course great price.

    2. Admin@CPMC says:

      Hello Hassan, Thanks for leaving a message here. Atlas Copco China has only authorized a very few distributors for portable air compressors and the spare parts for the portable compressors, many times, buyers send inquiries but can not get the quick solution because it is inefficient to wait for quotation from headquarters, however for most stationary air compressors and the parts, we quote fast and also very competitive. If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to send us email:

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