Atlas Copco GA11+-GA30 Models Prices Catalog 2022 Reference

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Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC China releases an Atlas Copco GA11+-GA30 Models Prices Catalog for overseas customers’ further reference. It  includes GA11+, GA11+ FF, GA15+, GA15+ FF, GA18+, GA18+ FF, GA22+, GA22+ FF, GA26+, GA26+ FF, GA30, GA30 FF models prices. If you are looking for these air compressors’ prices, here is your better choice. If you are not sure what kind of air compressor model you need, please specify your projects requirements for our references. Our professional team will try to narrow down the options and get you the great match.

Atlas Copco GA11+ / GA11+ FF / GA15+ / GA15+ FF / GA18+ / GA18+ FF / GA22+ / GA22+ FF / GA26+ /  GA26+ FF / GA30 / GA30 FF  Distribution Prices

GA11+ to GA30 
NO# Model Bar/PSI (1bar=14.5psi) Kw/Hp Volts/Hz CPMC Price Market Price
1 GA11+ 7.5bar,8.5bar.10.5bar,13bar 11kw/15hp 400V/50hz US$8,126 US$10,835
2 GA11+ FF 7.5bar,8.5bar.10.5bar,13bar 11kw/15hp 400V/50hz US$9,154 US$12,205
3 GA15+ 7.5bar,8.5bar.10.5bar,13bar 15kw/20hp 400V/50hz US$9,520 US$12,693
4 GA15+ FF 7.5bar,8.5bar.10.5bar,13bar 15kw/20hp 400V/50hz US$10,488 US$13,984
5 GA18+ 7.5bar,8.5bar.10.5bar,13bar 18kw/24hp 400V/50hz US$10,228 US$13,638
6 GA18+ FF 7.5bar,8.5bar.10.5bar,13bar 18kw/24hp 400V/50hz US$11,445 US$15,260
7 GA22+ 7.5bar,8.5bar.10.5bar,13bar 22kw/30hp 400V/50hz US$10,819 US$14,425
8 GA22+ FF 7.5bar,8.5bar.10.5bar,13bar 22kw/30hp 400V/50hz US$12,248 US$16,331
9 GA26+ 7.5bar,8.5bar.10.5bar,13bar 126kw/35hp 400V/50hz US$11,835 US$15,780
10 GA26+ FF 7.5bar,8.5bar.10.5bar,13bar 26kw/35hp 400V/50hz US$13,169 US$17,559
11 GA30 7.5bar,8.5bar.10.5bar,13bar 30kw/40hp 400V/50hz US$12,343 US$16,457
12 GA30 FF 7.5bar,8.5bar.10.5bar,13bar 30kw/40hp 400V/50hz US$13,925 US$18,567




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