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Good processing accuracy and low noise Atlas Copco’s GA screw compressor with its X-tooth shape greatly reduces the impact, vibration and noise of the machine, thereby effectively extending the life of moving parts. For example, the noise of 100HP is only 68 decibels (within 1 meter), indicating that the moving parts of the compressor have high processing accuracy, low noise, good material, low impact and vibration, and long service life of the whole machine. 


Air compression is achieved by the interaction of a fixed and orbiting scroll. Air at inlet pressure enters the compression chamber at the exterior side of the scroll element. Once air is drawn in, the orbiting scroll seals off the inlet port. As the scroll continues to orbit, the air is progressively compressed into an increasingly smaller ‘pocket’. A continuous flow of compressed air leaves the scroll element through a discharge port in the center of the fixed scroll. This process is continuously repeated, resulting in the delivery of pulse-free compressed air.

Atlas Copco Oil Free Scroll Air End Features

  • 1. AGMA13 gearbox. The gearbox of Atlas Copco compressor adopts AGMA13 manufacturing standard, which is a high-grade internationally (same as the gearbox on Airbus), which can ensure that the speed-increasing gearbox will not be damaged under any working conditions.
  • 2. The trouble-free time and life of the rotor of the main engine largely depend on the life of the bearing. Atlas Copco bearings are the bearings provided by SKF for our company (Atlas Copco and Swedish SKF are the same chairman), and the life is relatively ordinary The bearing is 30% longer and the design life is as long as 150,000 hours.
  • COPCO patented 4:6 asymmetric spiral rotor with the same diameter and length. Other brands use 5:6 asymmetric spiral rotors. Compared with other brands of Atlas air compressors, the air output is 0.8-1m3. /min

Atlas Copco Oil Free Scroll Air End Product advantages

1. High processing accuracy
2. AGMA13 gearbox
3. Long bearing life

Product parameter
Filtration efficiency is as high as 99.5% or more

Precautions for Atlas Copco Oil Free Scroll Air End

1. Check whether the bearing coupling and other parts are in good condition before starting the new machine
2. Pay attention to check the direction of rotation when starting up or changing cables.

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