Atlas Copco XRHS 836 Portable Mobile Compressors (CAT Diesel engine) Driven

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Thanks for your time on China air compressors trade service company! If you are looking for Atlas Copco Mobile Compressors and the related genuine original parts from China, you are lucky to find our air compressors company. Based in China, and growing to one of the main “Direct Distributors” of top brand air compressors like Atlas Copco, Sullair and Ingersoll Rand, our company provides not only stationary rotary screw air compressors, the original parts but also the compressors and parts for portable mobile compressors solutions. 

Atlas Copco Portable Mobile Compressors Parts Service (CAT Diesel engine)

Here in this post, lets China Air Compressors Trade Service company (Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC) share the Atlas Copco XRHS836 portable mobile compressor. 

The medium and high wind pressure series of large air compressors are designed by Atlas Copco based on the actual needs of customers. The whole machine has a compact structure, excellent performance, reliable and durable. This series is equipped with Atlas Copco’s high-efficiency screw rotor, powered by the National III emission engine, and equipped with a fuel-saving expert system, which can further reduce fuel consumption. At the same time, the golden ratio of pressure and air volume of the air compressor further improves the drilling efficiency of the compressor. The user-friendly design and solid structure make the equipment sufficient to withstand the test of any harsh and severe working conditions.

Atlas Copco Mobile Compressors Middle to High Pressure Capacity Series Features

Reliable and durable

Double air filter, multiple oil filter design can
Ensure that the machine wears the most under harsh conditions
Small, prolong the life of the machine

Stable and efficient

The compressor screw rotor developed by Atlas Copco’s patented technology, designed and tested in Europe, quality assurance, durability and high efficiency

Ultra low oil content

Gas storage tank in compliance with local regulations, with built-in
High-efficiency oil separation core to ensure the most
Low oil content, reducing customer costs

Higher yield

A variety of innovative designs can effectively reduce customer
The user’s use cost greatly improves work efficiency
Rate, increase return on investment

Atlas Copco Mobile Compressors XRHS836 CAT & Cummins Engine
Atlas Copco Mobile Compressors XRS846, XRHS836,XAVS1000, XRVS716,V900 (Cummins and CAT Diesel engine)

Specification of XRHS836-Atlas Copco Mobile Air Solution (China Supplier)

Compressor Data

XRHS836 (XRHS336)

Free Air Delivery @ Normal Working Pressure

22.2  m³ /min 

Normal Working Pressure

20 bar

Compression stage


Air Receiver Capacity


Compressor Oil Capacity

75 L

Fuel Tank Capacity(Wagon/Tandem)


Outlet Valve Configuration

1 x 2″

Maximum Ambient Temperature at sea level

50 ° C 

Diesel Engine Data

Caterpillar C9 ACERT T3

Horsepower Developed @ Rated Speed

224  kW



Cooling System


Engine Coolant Capacity


Engine Oil Capacity


Unloaded Speed / Maximum Loaded Speed

1300 / 1800RPM



5640 mm


2100 mm


2465 mm

Weight ( filled with oil & coolant, Initial fuel )

4778 kg

After years of excellent services on site, our company provide genuine authentic parts for our customers and thus they can maintain their productivity. Here below we present you few examples with pictures taken via XRHS836 CAT engine overhaul and whole unit maintenance). The pictures below and all the other pictures on our site are copyrighted by Air Compressors Trade Services (China Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC, some of the pictures are taken while before shipping). 

Atlas Copco Mobile Compressors Maintenance Regular Check – Reference

Maintenance schedule Daily Yearly
50 hours after initial start-up Every 250 hours or every 1000 hours
Service pak supplied with unit 2912 4383 05 2912 4385 06
Engine oil level Check
Compressor oil level Check
Coolant level Check
Air filter vacuator valves Empty
Fuel filter water drain Drain
Air intake vacuum indicators Check
Electrolyte level and terminals of battery Check Check Check
Tyre pressure Check Check Check
Leaks in air-, oil- or fuel system Check Check Check
Oil cooler Clean Clean
Water cooler Clean Clean
Intercooler Clean Clean
Torque of wheel nuts Check Check Check
Brake system (if installed) Check/Adjust Check/Adjust Check/Adjust
Safety valve Test
Door Hinges Grease Grease
Towing eye shaft or ball coupling and its shaft Grease Grease
Shut-down switches Check
Pressure drop over separator element (2) Measure Replace
Fan V-belts (3) Adjust Adjust Adjust
Fueltank Clean Clean
Compressor oil (8) Change
Compressor oil filter (6) Replace Replace
Coolant (3) (9) Analyse Change
Air filter elements (1) Replace
Engine oil (3) (4) Change Change
Engine oil filter (3) Replace Replace
Fuel pre-filter (3) Replace Replace
Fuel filter (3) (7) Replace Replace
Engine inlet and outlet valves (3) (10) Adjust
Filter element regulating valve Replace
Flow restrictor in oil scavenging line Clean
Inspection by Atlas Copco Service technician !

Air Compressors Trade Service (Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC China) is an independent distributor of air compressors, genuine original spare parts, air tools, etc for international buyers. With our company own website network (AirCompressorsTrade.COM) and wide scope of inner relationship channels, we are proud of offering a variety of air compressors, original spare parts and tools with VERY COMPETITIVE/ DISCOUNTED prices.

CPMC China Air Compressors and Parts International Business Divisions:

Our business main 3 lines

  • Compressors (+Air Dryers) of all types & models for Atlas Copco, Sullair, Doosan, IR, CompAir, GD, etc and China Local Brand;
  • Original parts for above brands for stationary compressors and portable mobile compressors plus the Atlas Copco Vacuum Pumps Original Parts; replacement parts if clients need;
  • Second hand equipment of air compressors and air end, motors, etc.

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