A quality carbide tipped ripping saw blade will slice through hardwood with little effort and leave a clean cut with minimal scoring. Our HEROTOOLS Ripping Saw Blade is designed for efficient, smooth ripping. The low tooth count and large gullets combine to make this blade fast and aggressive while the absolutely flat, laser-cut blade body ensures precise cuts. Suitable for use in table saws or gang-rip saws.

Designed for ripping hardwood and softwood, the HEROTOOLS Ripping Saw Blade cuts fast and smooth. The flat top grind and the high positive hook angle reduce feed effort while the anti-kickback limits the thickness of chip; taken to offer a safer cut.

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HEROTOOLS Ripping Saw Blades series, produced in Chengdu and distributed domestically and internationally by Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC will definitely attract more international buyer's attention with our strong confidence in quality and competitive prices. No matter whether you are retailer or wholesaler or individual user, we will provide you with satisfied wood and aluminum cutting solutions. Contact us now!
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