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Caterpillar Genuine Parts for Resellers by Reliable China Supplier

CPMC China, As one dominant presence serving all kinds genuine parts for reputable compressors and drilling rigs, our company is proud to provide full supply chain for Caterpillar Genuine Parts for worldwide resellers. Based in China, our reliability and competitive prices are unbeatable. We warm welcome your RFQs.

When you are looking for Genuine Caterpillar accessories for equipment such as Excavators, chassis rotary drilling rigs, Caterpillar engines, etc, feel free to submit online inquiries.

Main Caterpillar models served include 320D, 323D, 324D, 325D, 329D, 330C, 336D, 345D, 349D, 365C, 374D, 385C, and 390D; C6.4, C7, C9, C13, C15, C18.

Genuine Original Caterpillar Parts Categories 

  • ① Engine components: turbocharger, muffler, generator, starting motor, water pump, oil pump, four matching parts, engine assembly, oil pump nozzle;
  • ② Chassis components (four wheel area): tension cylinder, tension spring, guide wheel, drive teeth, supporting wheel, carrier roller, chain rail/chain, track shoe, and loose chain;
  • ③ Hydraulic components: hydraulic pump, rotary motor, solenoid valve, walking balance valve, center rotary joint, hydraulic cylinder;
  • ④ Electrical components: sensors, wiring harnesses, overall computer board ECM, display screen, engine computer version ECM;
  • ⑤ Maintenance parts: filter element, engine oil, hydraulic oil, butter;
  • ⑥ Radiators: water tank, hydraulic oil radiator, Intercooler;
  • ⑦ Cabin air conditioning: compressors, air conditioning panels, heating water tanks, condensers, and cab assemblies;
  • ⑧ Slewing bearings, bearings, and pins.
  • ⑨ Disassembly parts: gearbox, hydraulic pump, motor, cylinder head, cylinder block, crankshaft, display, engine computer board ECM, and overall computer board ECM.
  • ⑩ Engine overhaul, complete machine harness replacement, hydraulic pump overhaul

If you are looking for CAT-Caterpillar Genuine Spares, free free to contact us now. Just submit the "RFQ " inquiry form below with all the spare parts numbers or attach excel form. Our sales engineers will reply with solution timely.

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