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Check Valve – One Way Valve by Reliable Supplier from China

One-way valve is also called check valve or oil stop valve (oil-cut valve), commonly known as one-way valve. In the compressed air system, it is mainly used to prevent the compressed oil and gas mixture from being suddenly back-injected into the main engine when the machine is shut down due to a sudden failure, causing the rotor to reverse rotation.

Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC Offers Quality and Cheaper Check Valves

There are thousands of check valves for air compressors. Here with CPMC, we mainly focus on genuine original check valves for world famous brands such as Atlas Copco, Sullair, Ingersoll Rand, CP, Quincy, Boge, Fusheng, etc. If you can not find one, please send the part numbers to our email:

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