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How about the latest logistics timeliness of DHL International Express? Affected by the new crown epidemic, the logistics timeliness of international express channels that are mainly air transport have been affected. Most international couriers will have about 3-5 days of arranging the warehouse before the goods can be delivered to the destination. Some express channels even store warehouses for 7-10 days before they can be exported for transportation.

So what is the current logistics efficiency of China DHL International Express? Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC provides the DHL delivery efficiency outlook which may help you while considering using the DHL Express for your international trade delivery to or from China.

DHL International Express Latest Timetable – How Efficient are they?

1 Shenzhen DHL

【Shenzhen DHL】Use Shenzhen’s logistics resources to deliver goods from Shenzhen to countries around the world. Under normal circumstances, the time limit for signing for this channel is 3-7 days. Under the epidemic situation, due to the sharp decline in flight resources in Shenzhen, there are not enough flights to carry goods, and a certain degree of warehousing has occurred. The overall time limit for signing and receiving is about 7-12 days.

2 DHL special line

DHL special line DHL special line, using DHL express resources in other regions as a logistics channel. It can deliver items with built-in batteries to more than 220 countries and regions around the world, and the price advantage of items with a mailing weight of 1-1.5kg is the most significant. During the normal period, the logistics time limit of DHL special line is 3-7 days, which is fast. During the epidemic, due to certain logistics impacts, the logistics time limit will be extended by about 1-2 days, and the overall receipt time limit will be 4-9 days.

3 Hong Kong DHL-standard

Hong Kong DHL-standard can deliver built-in batteries and supporting batteries to more than 200 countries and regions around the world, such as the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Spain. The standard is express delivery in the DHL express channel. It has the advantage of priority shipment and can guarantee the timeliness of logistics. Under normal circumstances, it is 3-7 days to sign for the delivery, but it can still be signed for 3-7 days under the epidemic situation. The latest logistics time limit is as follows:

4 Mainland DHL

Mainland DHL Direct flights from the mainland to countries around the world, using mainland logistics resources for delivery, with fast timeliness and stability. Since mainland DHL has sufficient flight resources for direct flight delivery, its logistics timeliness is more stable than other DHL express channels. Under normal circumstances, the time limit for signing is 2-5 days, and under the epidemic situation, the time limit is 2-6 days.

Conclusion: DHL International Express Efficiency for your International Purchase or sales

Through the above introduction, we can learn more about the specific logistics timeliness of each express channel under DHL International Express. Among these four logistics channels, the mainland DHL and Hong Kong DHL-standard logistics have a more guaranteed timeliness, and the timeliness of express delivery. The second is the DHL special line, which utilizes the logistics timeliness in other regions and also has good logistics timeliness.

Shenzhen DHL is most affected by the epidemic, with a certain degree of warehousing, and the logistics timeliness is the slowest. Therefore, if you have high requirements for logistics timeliness, you can choose mainland DHL, Hong Kong DHL-standard and DHL special line channels, and choose according to your own logistics needs and item characteristics.

That’s all about the introduction of the “DHL International Express Latest Timetable”. Under the epidemic situation, various logistics channels will still be significantly affected by changes in aviation resources and cargo volume. Before shipping, it is best for you to communicate with the logistics specialist to understand the latest international logistics situation to ensure the smooth delivery of the goods.

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