How to calculate the DHL international express fee for shipping from China?

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China international trade shipping advice is released by Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC. In order to facilitate the majority of international express users to use international express, here we mainly introduce the DHL international express fee calculation method. General international express mainly includes freight, fuel surcharges and other costs. 

China International Shipping Billing Unit based on the Physical Weight and Volume Weight 

1. International Express Billing Unit

The billing units of the five most commonly used international express companies are kilograms (KG). DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT are generally charged according to the procedure below 21KG, that is, the first total cost = heavy cost + renewed cost. The smallest unit of chargeable weight is 0.5KG, if it is less than 0.5KG, it will be charged as 0.5KG, if it exceeds 0.5KG but not more than 1KG, it will be charged as 1KG, and so on. Take the first 0.5KG as the first weight, and each additional 0.5KG as the continued weight. For example: 1.67KG is charged as 2KG. Usually the cost of the first weight is higher than the cost of the renewal. Above 21KG is generally billed directly per kilogram, and the additional 1KG does not exceed the second 1KG billing weight to add 1KG. For example, 34.1KG is charged at 35KG, and 34.9KG is also charged at 35KG. Each EMS cargo cannot exceed 30KG, and all cargo is charged according to the first renewal weight.

2. Weight calculation

The weight of international express (except EMS) can be divided into actual weight, volume weight, and billable weight. The actual weight refers to the total weight of the goods including the packaging. Volumetric weight refers to the volume of goods that can be loaded due to the carrying capacity of the means of transport. The weight taken to convert the volume of the shipment into weight is the volumetric weight or volume. The current calculation method for the volume weight of international express is: volume weight = length (CM) * width (CM) * height (CM) / 5000 (CM). Irregular packaging is calculated according to the longest, widest, and highest point of the single side of the goods. . In international express, shipments whose volumetric weight is greater than their actual weight are often referred to as dropped goods.
Chargeable weight: compare the actual weight of the whole ticket with the volumetric weight, and the larger one is the chargeable weight. For example: the total actual weight of a shipment is 60KG and the volume is: 60CM*80CM*70CM/5000=67.2, then the chargeable weight is 68KG. Because 67 “67.2KG” 68KG, all billable weight is 68KG.

3. Fuel surcharge

Fuel oil surcharge / fuel adjustment factor. The surcharges charged by shipping companies and liner conferences reflect changes in fuel prices. The cost is expressed in terms of the amount per transported ton or as a percentage of the freight. Abbreviated as f.o.s. or f.a.f. Also called Bunker surcharge or Bunker adjustment factor. All fuel surcharges can be inquired through the official website, HL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX can be checked through the official website corresponding to the fuel surcharge of the month. Fuel surcharges are generally discounted together with freight.

4. Billing formula

A. How to calculate the goods below 21KG:

1. Actual weight: actual weight>volume weight

When the item to be delivered is actually larger than the volume, the freight calculation method is: freight (first freight + (weight (kg) × 2-1) × additional freight) + total fuel surcharge ((first freight + (weight ( Kg) × 2-1) × additional freight) * fuel surcharge rate of the current month)

Simplified formula (first freight + (weight (kg) × 2-1) × continued heavy freight) * (1 + current month fuel surcharge rate)
For example: 15KG goods are calculated based on the first weight of 150 yuan, the additional weight of 28 yuan, the fuel surcharge rate of the month is 23.5%, the total freight is: (150 + (15 × 2-1) * 28) * (1 + 23.5%) = 1188.07 (Yuan)

2. Volume of goods: actual weight <volume weight

Calculate the volume weight first, and then calculate according to the freight calculation method: first freight + (weight (kg) × 2-1) × continued heavy freight
Regular items: length (cm) × width (cm) × height (cm) ÷ 5000 = weight (KG)

DHL China International Express Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co CPMC
DHL China International Express – Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co CPMC

With the vigorous development of cross-border e-commerce, people use international express delivery more and more frequently! So how to calculate the cost of international express delivery? What are the requirements? In fact, DHL, TNT, UPS, and FEDEX have many similarities in the cost calculation of the four major couriers, with only some differences. Today CPMC China take the United States as an example to share with you the DHL international express delivery cost calculation methods.

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1. Volume weight cargo: For large and light packages, according to the regulations of the International Air Transport Association, according to the volume weight and actual weight. Volume weight calculation method: (length×width×height) cm÷5000=volume weight. 

2. Fuel surcharges will change every month according to market conditions.

3. The service fee for remote areas will vary according to the address.

4. The western United States includes: Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, California, Colorado, Oregon and Arizona.

5. Non-standard shipment surcharge: For shipments whose length on either side of a single piece exceeds 120 cm or the actual weight of a single piece exceeds 70 kg, a non-standard shipment surcharge will be levied, which is only levied once for each shipment.

6. ​​Insurance: You can decide whether to purchase or not, and international express mail will pay 1% of the insured amount (the minimum insurance fee is RMB 100).

7. Tariff: According to the actual situation, it may be generated.

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