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Pyrojacket PYROTEK China Supplier

If you are looking for PYROTEK full scope of products (such as Pyrojacket) from China for earlier delivery and better prices, please feel free to be in touch with Pudding Mechatronic (CPMC China), a main supplier in Air Compressors and Genuine Spare Parts based in China. Pudding Mechatronic has a wide range of products focusing on serving international buyers with better China local prices. With our own network, our brands we work with are expanding, CPMC China distribution network service team will be ready to answer every of your RFQ email for PYROTEK products, Air compressors and genuine spares parts for Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, Doosan, GD, CompAir, and the other reputable brands such as Honeywell, Siemens, ASCO, Danfoss, Schneider, Eaton, ABB, CAT, Cummins, Kubota, SUTO-ITEC, Michell Measurements and many more. Here in this blog, lets introduce the PYROTEK full scope of products which we can quote.

PYROTEK Products – China Supplier 

1. Pyrotek China’s production base of equipment and precision machined parts; a total of nearly 20 patents have been obtained;
2. The products mainly include in-furnace refining equipment, online degassing equipment, online filtration system (plate type/tubular type), glass fiber cloth products, casting holding furnace, precision processing products (graphite rotor, adapter plate, carbon roasting high-temperature parts, etc. )Wait;
3. One of the service centers authorized by ABB Bomem to provide Asian customers with inspection, maintenance and proofreading services for ABB instruments (AlSCAN, Prefil, LiMCA, PoDFA).

Pyrotec (Dongguan) High Temperature Materials Co., Ltd, China

Pyrotek is China’s largest production base of refractory materials for ceramic filter plates, coatings and glass industries, and is also the main factory for the production of refractory prefabricated parts and sound insulation materials.

Pyrotek (Xi’an) High Temperature Materials Co., Ltd, China

1. Pyrotek’s global production base of cast steel and cast iron products;
2. Products include risers, siphons, slag pans, various cast iron/cast steel plugs and various special-shaped parts for furnaces;
3. Products are sold all over the world.

Pyrotek (Chuzhou) New Materials Co., Ltd. China 

1. With the world’s most advanced production equipment, it is one of the largest production bases of Pyrotek Group in the world;
2. Products include large-scale refractory prefabricated parts, noise reduction and heat insulation materials, thermocouple assemblies (armored thermocouples, protective tubes and their installation components) and fluxes for non-ferrous industries;
3, Pyrotek China’s largest mechanical pump repair center.

Pyrojacket is a bulky glass fiber that is woven into a hollow sleeve or ribbon. It is coated with high temperature silicone rubber and can withstand continuous temperatures from -54°C to 260°C (-65°F to 500°F), as well as intermittent exposure temperatures up to 1650°C (3002°F). Pyrojacket hollow sleeve or ribbon, Steel Mills, Aluminium Smelting, Heavy Steel Fabrication, Hot Hoses and Pipes, Radiant Heat, Intermittent Flame, Fire Hazard Areas, Abrasion Protection, Reduced Heat Lossvibration control, noise barriers, sound absorbers composites, thermal and fire protection, specialty products, accessories & miscellaneous

PYROTEK Full Scope of Products – China Supply Chain – Better China Local Prices

Decicoat T35 Specialised anti-condensation coating for marine, rail & industrial applications decicoat P60 pail tile
Decicoat P60 water-based, spray-on coating for structural fire protection Decidamp SP150 Tile Image
Decidamp SP150 Fast drying water based vibration damping for Marine.
Decidamp DC06 Water-based constrained layer damping compound for structure radiated noise.
Decidamp DC30 Polyurethane constrained layer damping for structure radiated noise.
Wavebar Tile Image Wavebar Original mass-loaded vinyl barrier for soundproofing.
Wavebar dBX Mass-loaded vinyl barrier using recycled polymers.
Quadzero Foil faced, mass-loaded vinyl barrier.
Quadzero NL Foil faced, mass-loaded vinyl barrier with ultimate fire properties.
Quadzero dBX Foil faced, mass-loaded vinyl barrier using recycled polymers.
Quadzero MVT Flexible vapor and noise barrier solution for LNG and cryogenic pipelines.
Soundalloy MPM Aluminium composite for damping within equipment construction.
Soundsteel MPM Tough mouldable steel for damping within heavy equipment construction.
Fyrewrap High temperature marine blanket to insulate in shipping and offshore oil platforms.
Litecore Marine Panel Non-combustible lightweight marine panels.
Nautilus MFB30 Lightweight ‘A’ Class insulation for steel bulkheads.
Promat Specialist fire protection for marine applications.
FIRE DOOR2 tile TNF Marine
Lightweight doors and wall panel systems for marine applications.
Isover ULTIMATE High performance insulation for fire, thermal and acoustic applications.
Weber Marine Flooring Fibre reinforced, cement based self levelling floor compound used in marine and offshore.
tile thermal jacket pipeline
Removable Insulation Covers Customised, soft, removable high temperature lagging for exhausts
Exhaust Blankets / Thermal Covers High temperature covers, blankets for industrial and marine applications.
Expansion Joints Eliminate vibration and movement in ducts.
Tapes Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes available with different facings.
Pyrojacket Insulating sleeving and ribbon for thermal applications.

Industrial grade Pyrojacket Fire Sleeve Inside Diameter and Part No:

1/4″ PJ-04; 5/16 PJ-05, 3/8 PJ-06, 7/16 PJ-07, 1/2 PJ-08, 5/8 PJ-10, 3/4 PJ-12, 7/8 PJ-14, 1 PJ-16, 1 1/8 PJ-18, 1 1/4 PJ-20, 1 3/8 PJ-22, 1 1/2 PJ-24, 1 5/8 PJ-26, 1 3/4 PJ-28, 2 PJ-32, 2 1/4 PJ-36, 2 1/2 PJ-40, 2 3/4 PJ-44, 3 PJ-48, 3 1/4 PJ-52, 3 1/2 PJ-56, 3 3/4 PJ-60, 4 PJ-64, 4 1/2 PJ-72, 5 PJ-80

Industrial grade Pyrojacket Fire Sleeve Inside Diameter mm, Part Number

6mm PJ -04, 8mm PJ-05, 10mm PJ-06, 11mm PJ-07, 13mm PJ-08, 16mm PJ-10, 19mm PJ-12, 22mm PJ-14, 25mm PJ-16, 29mm PJ-18, 32mm PJ-20, 35mm PJ-22, 38mm PJ-24, 41mm PJ-26, 44mm PJ-28, 51mm PJ-32, 57mm PJ-36, 64mm PJ-40, 70mm PJ-44, 76mm PJ-48, 83 mm PJ-52, 89mm PJ-56, 95mm PJ-60, 102mm PJ-64, 114mm PJ-72, 127 mm PJ-80

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