1615595900 Atlas Copco PAROIL M XTREME 20L

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When you look for genuine original lubricant 1615595900 (Pn: 1615-5959-00) for your Atlas Copco Compressors, you may have many options but it is too difficult for you to recognize which is genuine and which is not genuine. Here you are lucky to find CPMC China (China Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC) as your reliable China supplier. CPMC only provide “Genuine Original Products” for overseas buyers when they need real genuine original. It is the match for demanding operating conditions, dusty & humid environments.

1615595900 Atlas Copco PAROIL M XTREME 20L

Service intervals: 4000 hours or 2 years at demanding ambient conditions
Environment : Ambient temperature range from 0°C to +40°C
Equipment: Atlas Copco PAROIL M XTREME
Capacity20L: 1615595900; 1615-5959-00; 1615 5959 00

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1615595900 Atlas Copco PAROIL M XTREME 20L
1615595900 Atlas Copco PAROIL M XTREME 20L
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