1616734581-1616734591 Genuine Atlas Copco Airend-Heavy Duty G/GA110-132-160-200-250


When you are searching for the genuine Airend for Atlas Copco Heavy Duty Compressors models G/GA132-160-200-250, Part numbers: “P/N 1616734581-1616734591 Air End” or the elements, you are lucky to find CPMC China, your reliable China air compressors and genuine parts supplier. Our consultant will reconfirm to you with the right match.

Product Brand: Atlas Copco C190 Airend
Part Numbers: “1616734581”,”1616734591″, “1616-7345-81″,”1616-7345-91” “1616 7345 81″,”1616 7345 91” Other PN (Cross checking reference): “1616734582”, “1616734592”, “1616-7345-82”, “1616-7345-92″,”1616 7345 82”, “1616 7345 92” Application scope G110.G132,G160, G200, G250,GA110, GA132, GA160, GA200 GA250 BLT160-275
Power: 110KW-132KW-160KW-200KW-250kw Air displacement 20000-40000L/min Max pressure (high pressure) 10bar Speed @8bar 2960min Air pressure 0.6-1.0Mpa
Dimension Reference: 110×80×70 cm
Material: Metal
Application: Atlas Copco Rotary Screw Air Compressor &Portable air compressor
Noise: 65-73dB(A)
Weight: about 450 kg 

Buyer’s Note: For the Airend proper installation, you need professional engineers to set it well and maintain it well, there is around half year warrantee from Atlas Copco but condition applies only for proper and correct use for the onsite airend.  Check out more Atlas Copco models GA22, GA26, GA30, GA15, GA11, GA18 Air End Parts Numbers for further references as below: 1616 7382 91, 1616 7382 80, 1616 7380 90, 1616738291, 1616738290, 1616738280, 1616-7382-91, 1616-7382-80, 1616-7380-90. With regards to the C190 Airend Overhaul, you may also need other spares such as: 1621733501 Gearbox, 1623392000 shaft, 0211148000 socket screw, 0504011001 Bearing, 0337000991 key parallel, 1616551800 washer, 1623061100 bushing, 1616551500 retainer, 1621484000 seal, 0663210776 o ring, 0147136603 bolt, 1092121700 gear, 1092121600 etc. For the latest pricing, availability and the delivery time frame, just fill free to submit “RFQ” form below or email us: info@aircompressorstrade.com.

ORIGINAL Atlas Copco Airend China Supplier
1616734581-1616734591 Genuine Atlas Copco Airend-Heavy Duty G/GA110-132-160-200-250


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