1625255222=1630060412 Atlas Copoco FAN 230/400V 50HZ GA90

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If you are looking for “Genuine Original Fan Radial 1625837101=1625255222=1630060412″ the Atlas Copco FAN Radial 230/400V 50HZ GA90 compressor or any other related fan assemblies part numbers for any Atlas Copco compressors, Pudding Mechatronic Company can provide you the FANTASTIC prices. Based in China, growing to be one of the main online air compressors and spare parts suppliers, our prices are unbeatable, while the quality it 100% genuine original.

1625255222 = 1630060412 Atlas Copoco FAN 230/400V 50HZ GA90

  • Parts Name: Atlas Copco Fan
  • Part Number: 1625255222=1630060412; “1630 0604 12”; “1630-0604-12”
  • Part Number: 1625255222=1630060412=1625213401=1625837101
  • Reference Fan Radial Part numbers: 1625837101, 1625-8371-01, 1625-8371-01
  • Brand: Atlas Copco
  • Quality Level: 100% Genuine Original and Brand New
  • COO: Country of origin (Germany, it depends on Atlas Copco)
  • mdexx fan systems GmbH 2FD1674-1NA91-8QE6 Fabr.No: SB231005500 V200
  • Zeppelinstr.30; D-28844 Weyhe Germany/www.mdexx.com
  • Vopt 3.45 m’s p st opt 610 Pa P1 opt 3.953 kW; t opt 53.2% p 1.2 kg’m*
  • n 1400 1/min
  • TEMP.-20°-80℃ Year; 2023
  • MOTOR DRIVE: 3- 230/400V 10% AAY 50Hz Made in Germany History Fan
  • AC Part No: 1630060412
  • ERP 2015
  • Standards ISO 5801 / cat.: A, V200
  • Price: Negotiable
  • Leading time: 1-4 weeks (per stock timely update)
  • Pictures: There are so many part numbers for the fan assembly, Website Pictures are only for references only and the actual one depends on the final PN clients booked.

Fan Assembly Parts Numbers are for your references because Atlas Copco may have updated new part numbers. Please specify the designated part numbers and compressors name models, we will reconfirm to you for the identical item.  If you are bored with Alibaba middle handlers, feel worry free to deal with our company now. Shoot the RFQ button here.

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Fan Radial 1630060412-1635505200 Atlas Copco Reliable Agent in China
1625255222=1630060412 Atlas Copoco FAN 230/400V 50HZ GA90
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