2811104280: MANIFOLD D20 ISO228 AIRNet Piping China Supplier


If you are looking for Atlas Copco High Quality AIRnet Piping and adapters (fittings), as one of the main online air compressors and OEM parts distributor in China, we ofer a wide range of fittings to accompany the AIRnet aluminum piping for a complete installation done right. Here is the Manifold D20/D25 recommended for you. Price is for reference and negotiable. 

Airnet Piping Manifold D20/D25 China Distribution Prices

  • 281110 43 80 01 20/4/5″ Manifold D20 NPT 
  • 28111042 80 01 20/4/5″ Maniold D20 IS0228
  • 28112042 80 01 25/1″ Manifold D25 IS0 228
  • 28112043 80 01 25/1″ Manifold D25 NPT


  • Strong-grip internal design.
  • Specific nuts & bolts and body design.
  • Specific inlet guide.
  • Specific seal system.

If you want to learn more about the price and availability, delivery time frame,  full piping solution with great discount for big purchase is upon inquiry, please hit the “Get a Quote” button, you can also contact via WhatsApp Message.

AIRnet manifold D25 NPT China Supply
2811104280: MANIFOLD D20 ISO228 AIRNet Piping China Supplier


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