35328467 Original Bearing Podend Doosan China Supplier


When you are searching for Doosan Original Bearing Podend 35328467  China Supplier. As a fast growing China Air Compressors and Genuine Spare Parts Supplier, we warmly welcome you to partner with our company. here let’s present you the Doosan Bearing Podend, PN:35328467

  • Brand: Doosan 
  • Product name: GENUINE ORIGINAL Bearing Podend
  • Part Numbers:35328467
  • Applicable models: Doosan Screw Air Compressors (different models needs part numbers cross checking)
  • Packing: Standard Packing by Doosan factory (may be repacked for export) 
  • Size reference: 20*20*15cm
  • Weight Reference: about 1.5 kg
  • Price for overseas agent (Negotiable)

Doosan Genuine ORIGINAL Bearing Podend Pn: 35328467

If you are looking for the Doosan 35328467 GENUINE Original Bearing Podend from China please send email to sales@aircompressorstrade.com for price, availability and delivery. Our company also provides OEM or high quality Replacement parts for Doosan,Ingersoll Rand, Sullair and Atlas Copco oil filters.

35328467 Ingersoll Rand GENUINE ORIGINAL Bearing Rodend China Supplier
35328467 Original Bearing Podend Doosan China Supplier


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