85560993 Ingersoll Rand GENUINE ORIGINAL Hose Hydraulic -China Supplier


To buy a genuine original Hydraulic Hose for your Ingersoll Rand air compressor is not always easy. Many Chinese trading companies sell these on Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, Globalsources, Made-in-China, etc, none of them can offer better prices and mostly they deal low quality replacements there.

Ingersoll Rand GENUINE Hydraulic Hose 85560993

Hose Model:85560993
Custom processing: Yes
Accessory type: conventional accessories
Accessories use: transmission
Accessory name: Ingersoll Rand metal hose, Ingersoll Rand Hydraulic hose, Ingersoll Rand exhaust pipe, Ingersoll Rand intake pipe, Ingersoll Rand oil pipe
Brand: Ingersoll Rand
Applicable compressor type: Ingersoll Rand

You can contact China Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC for a quick quotation if you need price and availability. For bulk purchases, the shipping cost by sea or express will be reconfirmed based on the quantity, packaging size, and weight. EXW, FCA, FOB, CIF, CFR, DDU Price terms are applicable.

Delivery time is around 3-8 days by EXPRESS while it may take longer if you have bulk purchase with big size and heavy weight, in that case, the sea freight will be more suitable and detailed quotation will be followed up by email soon.

85560993 Ingersoll Rand GENUINE ORIGINAL Hose Hydraulic
85560993 Ingersoll Rand GENUINE ORIGINAL Hose Hydraulic -China Supplier


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