88290020-188 Sullair Air Compressor Hose Assembly


To buy a quality hose for your Sullair air compressor is not always easy. Many Chinese trading companies sell these on Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, Globalsources, Made-in-China, etc, none of them can offer better prices because these third platform charges high annual fee, site maintenance fee and other fee. 

Sullair Air Compressors Hose Assembly Part Number: 88290020-188

Hose Model: 88290020-188
Custom processing: Yes
Accessory type: conventional accessories
Accessories use: transmission
Accessory name: Sullair metal hose, Sullair hose, Sullair exhaust pipe, Sullair intake pipe, Sullair oil pipe
Brand: SULLAIR/Sullair Sullair
Applicable compressor type: Sullair screw air compressor series

Contact Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC for a better price because our company has our own distribution network, you can expect 5-10% cheaper than those middle handlers on third party websites like mentioned above.

Sullair Air Compressor Hose
88290020-188 Sullair Air Compressor Hose Assembly


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