GA7-75 VSD iPM (7-75kW/10 -100hp)-Atlas Copco


Atlas Copco’s GA7-75VSD iPM Interior Permanent Magnet inverter compressor has the features of sophisticated drive and intelligent control which give it excellent reliability and efficiency. The built-in interior permanent magnet motors (iPM) and compressor-specific inverters help make these models achieve variable speed adjustment, so they can achieve an average energy saving of more than 35% if you compare them with those conventional fixed speed drive compressors. Customers can expect a huge cost saving due to the energy saving feature in a life-long circle operation. And the mode of VSDiPM is a NEW BENCHMARK for stable performance. You have following models to choose from: GA7VSD iPM, GA11VSD iPM, GA15VSD iPM, GA18VSD iPM, GA22VSD iPM, GA30VSD iPM,GA37VSD iPM,GA45VSD iPM,GA55VSD iPM,GA75VSD iPM. Enquire Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. NOW for great services.

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GA7-75 VSD iPM (7-75kW/10 -100hp)-Atlas Copco
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