Genuine Inner Ring LBC4-0117 (L 313839)SKF Bearing China Supplier

Original price was: $1,353.6.Current price is: $902.4.

If you are looking for SKF Genuine Inner Ring, size: 220mmID x 246mmOD x 192mmH; Code: LBC4-0117 (L 313839), here with China Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC, we provide you the reliable solution with fantastic prices. CPMC provide international buyers at better local prices because with our own distribution network, we try everything we can to lower down the cost and help save buyers burden.

SKF Genuine Inner Ring LBC4-0117 (L 313839)

  • Product Brand: SKF
  • Part Numbers: LBC4-0117 (L 313839)
  • Weight Reference: 13.968kg SKF LBC4-0117 (L 313839) Inner Ring Bearing
  • Size Reference:  220mmID x 246mmOD x 192mmH
  • Paper Box or wooden case packing
  • COO (country of origin: Germany)
  • Prices: Negotiable
  • Shipping (By Air or by Sea per the purchase amount)

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Genuine Inner Ring LBC4-0117 (L 313839)SKF Bearing China Supplier
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