02250155-946 Genuine Sullair Check Valve – Oil Stop (Oil Cut) Valve


Sullair pressure valve 88291000-724 air compressor check valve

Product name: Check valve (One Way Valve/Oil Cut Valve, Oil Stop Valve)
Product model: 02250155-946
Product Brand: Sullair
Accessory brand: SULLAIR/Sullair
Accessory name: globe valve, check valve
Accessory model: 02250155-946
Accessories use: prevent air backflow
Application scope: Sullair compressor
Dimensions: 21*21*30cm
Accessories weight: about 19kg

Genuine Sullair Check Valve 02250155-946 by CPMC China

No mater whether you need original or after market replacement of the Sullair Check Valve, just feel free to contact Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC for a better price because our company has our own distribution network. For quick quotation, please send the designated parts numbers, and we will check out and reconfirm to you in 0.5-23.5 hours.

Genuine Sullair Air Compressors Oil Cut Vavle Check Valve
02250155-946 Genuine Sullair Check Valve – Oil Stop (Oil Cut) Valve


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