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GENUINE EA2-TX-100-HD Michell Dew-point Sensor Transmitter

If you are looking for a GENUINE EA2-TX-100-HD Michell Dewpoint Sensor Transmitter or any other models such as EA2-TX-100-WX, CPMC China will present you the distribution prices.
Dew-Point Transmitter – Michell Easidew EA2
Dew-Point Transmitter – Michell Easidew 34
Industrial moisture transmitter with 3/4 UNF process port.
Intrinsically Safe Dew-Point Transmitter – Easidew I.S.
2-wire loop-powered connection, 3 types of process connections.
Dew-Point Transmitter for Compressed Air Dryers – SF82
Loop powered, rugged and fast responding moisture meter from Michell.
Dew-Point Transmitter for Industrial Dryers – SF52
Rugged, fast responding OEM industrial dryer solution from Michell.
Transmitter for Moisture Analysis – Michell Easidew PRO I.S.
Compact and rugged design for easy outdoor process installations.
Explosion Proof Moisture Transmitter – Easidew PRO XP
Rugged process enclosure with optional moisture display.
Trace Moisture Transmitter – Michell Pura
Self-contained hygrometer for high purity gases, range down to 1ppbV.
Dew-Point Hygrometer – Michell Easidew Online
Complete hygrometer solution for quick and easy measurement.
Fast-Response Dew-Point Hygrometer – Michell SF82 Online
For complete dew-point measurement range of -60 to +60 °C dew point
Remote Sensor On-line Hygrometer – Michell Cermet II
Complete on-line dew-point solution with pressure compensation.
Michell Intrinsically Safe Field Display
Loop powered 4-20mA indicator in robust GRP housing.
Self-Contained Sampling System – Michell Easidew Sampler
Low-cost gas sampling with filtration and flow control
Self-Contained Hygrometer- Michell Drycheck
Integrated instrument and sampling system.
Compact Sampling System – Michell ES20
Modular system design for repeatable moisture measurements.
Process Sampling System – Michell ES70
High pressure process gas sampling with flexible filtration options.
Rail Dew-Point Transmitter – Michell SF72 Rail
Rail-approved, fast response dew-point meter.
Diagnostic Communication Tool for Michell Easidew and Pura
Self-contained service tool for Easidew and Pura dew-point transmitters
Original price was: $4,725.0.Current price is: $2,830.0.
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