Atlas Copco Air Compressors Genuine Original Parts – Where to Purchase?

Original Parts for Atlas Copco Air Compressors - Reliable China Supplier

Where can I find a reliable air compressors supplier who can provide “REAL” or “GENUINE” Original spare parts? This similar questions were frequently asked by customers from around the world. If you are working in industrial manufacturing or construction, mining, oil and gas, etc filed, you should have known the world top standard air compressors brands such as Atlas Copco Group (and many sub-brands), Sullair (Hitachi Group), Ingersoll Rand (Doosan, CompAir, GD…), A.F, Kaeser, Boge, Fusheng, Kaishan, etc. However it is true that not all countries have the full production of the genuine spare parts for any of these worldwide used air compressors. Well, it is known to all that China plays a key role in producing the “Genuine Original Parts” in the whole world for reputable compressors above because most of these compressors giants brands have built production business lines in China. Due to the huge demand of compressors and spare parts, with the world top air compressors technology from advanced countries such as USA, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Japan, South Korea,  China has the most complete and mature manufacturing facility and ability for large quantity of production, and each year, most of the “Genuine parts” were produced in China and shipped to the neighboring countries, and Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific countries.

China does have the biggest Supply Chain of “Genuine Parts” for Atlas Copco Compressors

However, when searching “Genuine Atlas Copco Parts” by Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Facebook, Instagram, etc, it is hard to check out one reliable China air compressors supplier who can offer “the Real Original Spare Parts for Atlas Copco Compressors”. Because of the high demand, lots of China local manufactures in air compressors field have been trying best to produce the copy products of Atlas Copco, and some of them even have the “Very Similar or almost the same” packing (we call these as “FAKE products” or “HIGH COPY” products, this surely adds to the difficulty for international buyers. It is almost true that most Chinese middle agents sell these high copies on Alibaba, Made-in-China,, some of them even launched their products on Amazon or eBay, etc. It is known to everyone in international trade that, in late 2021, Amazon punished many Chinese vendors who do not do honest business by fake reviews to cheat customers, but people rarely know that most reviews on, or the Chinese, were fake. This is against the international rule, especially in advanced countries such as EUROPE, Japan, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, etc. However, the Atlas Copco Group has their production center in China, and of course products from the headquarters in China are “GENUINE ORIGINAL”, and some of the parts are even from Headquarter in Europe. In this post, lets talk about where and how to purchase”Genuine Atlas Copco Compressors Spare Parts from China Supplier“.

Atlas Copco Compressors Genuine Spare Parts Purchase Guidelines

Before any purchase, ask questions below and check out our answers as advice references:

Are you a manufacturer of the compressors spare parts?

If the handler says yes, be careful! No sellers on or can produce “Genuine Parts” for any famous compressors brands like Atlas Copco, Sullair, Ingersoll Rand. If you follow “Yes”, you will most probably purchase a “Fake Part” or “High Copy” part, not even an “OEM” or replacement part.

Does your packing for the spare parts come with the original packing with “Security Code” from Atlas Copco Factory”

Some dealers say yes, but if these people sell you 10 items of parts, maybe 2-4 of them “Look like the same as genuine packing” but actually are fake ones. This does not mean that these 2-4 items may not work well, however if they sell you the same price as the real genuine parts, this is a big cheat to you. On Facebook, if you check carefully about some pictures posted by Chinese namely “producer/manufacturers”, we can recognize that some of the products are true but some are not.

Can I see the scanning security bar code on package or scan and get the real parts verified status?

Yes, if you purchase the “genuine parts”, there is workable security code and you can check out the items. You may not be able to judge a true or fake compressor parts, but with the advanced technology on security code from Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, etc, it is still not easy for those who sell “HIGH COPY” as “Genuine Parts” to sell you with high prices.

Does the “High COPY” Atlas Copco Spare part work for my compressors?

Well, as it is a “high copy” one, the quality should be low standard. It may work for a short period of time, but it may break or infect the whole unite efficiency and sustainability. And the production net cost is far cheaper than higher quality category spare parts. From our point of view,  there are overall 4 categories of quality level for compressors spare parts as below and you’d better avoid the #4 which are those “EXPENSIVE things but HIGH COPY ONES on Alibaba”. We would suggest you try to avoid any “High Copy Version of Parts”, If you import “high copy parts for any compressors such as Atlas Copco, Sullair, Ingersoll Rand, etc), It is illegal as well to sell to your customers.

  1. Genuine Original Parts
  2. OEM Parts (Original Equipment Manufacture) Parts
  3. Aftermarket Replacement Parts
  4. High Copy Parts

Who normally purchased “HIGH COPY Parts of Atlas Copco” from China and where does the fake product go to?

Normally middle handers from countries like India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, SriLanka, etc commonly choose “High Copy” and sell with “high prices” as “Genuine Original Parts” to their end users. For end users most of them can not recognize the true or fake products. If you are looking for cheaper compressors parts but you’d better not choose “HIGH COPY” ones, the #2 and #3 category parts for Atlas Copco are not so expensive but workable. This helps companies save some money but still get good quality, some of these parts can even meet or exceed the efficiency or quality standard of the “Genuine Original parts”.

When you are looking for “Genuine Original Atlas Copco Spare Parts” from China, you are lucky to have found “Air Compressors Trade”, our company is officially registered in the business administration department and backed up in China custom system. If in need, International buyers who confirmed a purchase with us can get our legal document profile by email for reference. We sell what you paid for, we provide the 3 categories level products (#1, #2 and #3 as above), and each categories spare parts have their different price ranges. So if you can not afford No.1 genuine parts but have great maintenance staff members in your company and can use No.2 or No.3 quality level products because your staff members can keep an eye on the operation and can solve any issues occurring instantly. 

Air Compressors Trade Service Company (China Chengdu pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC) is growing to be one of the main online distributor in China, providing reliable Air Compressors Spares with the most reasonable prices. With our company’s own website network and wide scope of relationship and Chanel resources from Atlas Copco, Sullair and Ingersoll Rand, we assure you will get great products with great prices from us.  You can reach us by WhatsApp message to or email to or submit a “RFQ” easy form below. We will get in touch soon with solution. 

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