What is the Hot Air Bypass Valve of an Air Compressor? Why We Need It?

Air Compressors Bypass Valve - Hot Air valve

In the post-processing equipment of the screw air compressor, the main function of the refrigeration dryer is to reduce the temperature of the compressed air, purify the compressed air, and remove the water vapor contained in it. So as to ensure the quality of compressed air and prevent damage to the equipment used. Low temperature is detrimental to many equipment, and the same is true for refrigeration dryers. With the help of hot air bypass valve, the dryer can be operated at an optimal temperature.

Why Air Compressor Refrigeration Dryer Needs a Hot Air Bypass Valve

So, what is a hot gas bypass valve? The hot gas bypass is a valve that automatically adjusts the cooling temperature in the drying exchanger based on the refrigeration pressure. The pressure measured after the heat exchanger is directly related to the temperature in the system.

When the air handling capacity of the refrigeration dryer decreases, the evaporator cooling capacity is too large. When the evaporator cavity temperature drops below 0°C, the condensed water will freeze, resulting in “ice blockage” and blockage of the air circuit , The dryer cannot work. In order to eliminate the above situation, the air compressor’s refrigeration and dryer needs to introduce a hot gas bypass valve to cause high temperature and high pressure gas from the compressor, effectively preventing the occurrence of “ice blocking”.

In addition to the reduction in air handling capacity that can cause “ice blockage”, the ambient temperature and the drainage condition of the dryer can also cause “ice blockage”.

How to Choose an Effective Air Compressor Bypass Valve?

It is important to select a hot gas bypass valve that can be fully opened and closed according to the pressure input. When the load is particularly low, a hot gas bypass valve with poor opening capability is unlikely to prevent freezing.

The compressed air system is a whole, which requires air compressors, air storage tanks, refrigeration dryers, precision filters, etc. to cooperate with each other to play their respective performance roles in order to obtain high-quality compressed air that meets the production process. Learn all kinds Air Compressors Valves!

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