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  • The famous Swedish industrial group Atlas Copco unexpectedly announced in January this year that it would split the group into two companies. Industrial customers will continue to be served by Atlas Copco, while customers in the mining, infrastructure construction and natural resource mining industries will be in the charge of a new company. In May, this newly established company had the name Epiroc, and just at the end of last month, Epiroc also had a Chinese name – Anbaituo. Therefore, please remember this name, because in the future, Epiroc (安百拓) is not only the name of the company, but also a new brand that will replace Atlas Copco in the mining and construction machinery industries.
  • Today we will talk about the story of Atlas Copco. Atlas Copco has a history dating back to 1873. When it was founded, it was called AB Atlas, which is Atlas. AB means joint-stock limited company. The founder was Edvard Fr ä nckel, a Swedish industrialist, politician, and senior official of the Swedish National Railway Company. At that time, the company’s business was also related to various railway construction and operation materials.
  • Since then, with the change of the economic environment, Atlas’s business has gradually diversified into locomotives, central heating and tool machinery. In 1899, Atlas began to enter the field of air compressors, and later gradually developed into a leader in the compressor industry. Afterwards, the business and branch offices continued to adjust. In 1917, Atlas Diesel was merged with Diesel Motors to establish Atlas Diesel, which was also divided into two major categories: diesel engines and air compressors.
  • World War I provided Atlas Diesel with huge development opportunities, but the post-war depression caused significant losses and led to several financial restructurings. It was not until the mid-1930s that demand resumed and the continued growth of business continued until after World War II. During this period, through technological innovation and mergers and acquisitions, he became a leader in pneumatic equipment, including not only air compressors but also lightweight rock drills and hard alloy drill bits.
  • After 1948, the production of diesel engines was terminated, and the name Atlas Diesel was no longer appropriate. In 1955, the company was renamed Atlas Copco, which is said to be inspired by Compagnie Pneumatique, a Belgian subsidiary.
  • Since then, Atlas Copco has continued to acquire compressor and pneumatic equipment enterprises in Europe and the United States, and eventually grew into a compressor and pneumatic equipment giant. At the same time, the field of rock drilling equipment has also developed into a world leader, with various types of drilling rigs widely used in underground mining, infrastructure development, and geotechnical engineering applications.
  • In the past 20 years, in the part of rock drilling and rock excavation, Atlas Copco has entered the field of underground hard rock excavation by acquiring the founder of underground scraper, Wagner Company of the United States, and later moved the factory to Sweden. We also acquired Ingersoll Rand’s drilling rig business and expanded our product range. In the field of construction equipment, it acquired Germany In the field of construction equipment, we have acquired the hydraulic crushing hammer business of Krupp in Germany, as well as the production of road equipment by Dynapac. In fact, Atlas Copco has acquired many businesses, all of which are peripheral products related to mining, quarrying and construction.
  • Through continuous acquisition, in addition to industrial business, Atlas Copco’s construction and mining equipment business has developed into two departments, mine and rock excavation and construction equipment. Each department is a large collection of tools, which can provide relevant users with professional equipment and tools with advanced performance.
  • Of course, everything is constantly evolving. There are both acquisitions and sales, and Dynapac has been sold to Faya Group, and the mobile crushing equipment has also been discontinued before. Now, Aberto is also separated from Atlas Copco Group. The advantage of separation is that each focuses on its own field. Atlas Copco’s industrial equipment and tools are good, but they have nothing to do with engineering, and vice versa.
  • The origin of the name Epiroc is reportedly selected from nearly a thousand names. Epi is a prefix for “on” or “at” in Latin/Greek, while Roc represents stability and durability. Of course, Roc also means rock. Don’t forget that many product names include it, such as PowerRoc, SmartRoc, and so on. This name is brief and unique, and will not fade over time, highlighting the company’s focus on mining and civil engineering business nature.
  • Epiroc will become a new company with over 144 years of mining experience, and its development will open a new chapter in the global mining and civil engineering industry. It has started the journey of operating as an independent company under its own brand and logo. However, for a period of time, the Atlas Copco brand will continue to be used until the establishment of Epiroc brand is completed.
  • It is understood that with the official approval of Nanjing Administration for Industry and Commerce, Atlas Copco (China) Mining and Construction Equipment Trading Co., Ltd. has been renamed as Epiroc Trading Co., Ltd. since November 1, 2017.

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