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Where can I get reliable supplier for “Genuine Original Epiroc Mining & Drilling Equipment Parts”? or How can I get the better prices for Atlas Copco Epiroc Parts? How do I ship these parts from China? Can you help repack the Epiroc Genuine Parts in our wanted way? These are common questions asked by international buyers everyday! If you are looking for real Genuine original Epiroc Spare Parts, there is no other better place than (Official Business name: Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC China). As one Registered company, our own network sets us apart from any third B2B platforms and we take pride in “UNBEATABLE PRICES” for “REAL GENUINE EPIROC SPARE PARTS”.

Genuine Epiroc Parts with Unbeatable China Local Prices 

If your business is about mining and infrastructure, you should have known the world GIANT “Epiroc” which is a vital part of a sustainable society and a global productivity partner for mining and infrastructure customers.With cutting-edge technology, Epiroc develops and produces innovative drill rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment, and provides world-class service and consumables. Contact us now for any Epiroc spares:  WhatsApp: 8618080158435, RFQ Email address:

Epiroc Construction, Mining & Drilling Rigs Genuine Parts by Reliable China Supplier

  • Boomer K41 / T1D/ S1L / 291 / K111 / S1D/DH / M1
  • Boomer 282 / S2 / M2 / L2D / L2C / E2C
  • Boomer XE3C / Boomer XE4C
  • Simba K102
  • Simba 1254 Hydraulic Production Drill Rig Parts
  • Simba 1354 Powerful Production Drill Rig Parts
  • Simba S7D
  • Simba M / E6 C-W
  • Simba M-ITH / E7/1TH ( Simba E7-series)
  • ST2D / ST2G
  • ST4 / ST3.5
  • ST7LP / ST1030 / ST1030LP / ST14/ST18
  • EST2D/3.5/1030
  • Mine Truck MT2200/431B/436B/436LP
  • MT42/54/65
  • EMT35/50
  • Boltec 235/M/S/E series
  • Cabletec E/M Series
  • Robins 34RH C / 44RH C / 53 RH C / 73 RH C/ 91 RH C/ 123 RH C Easer L
  • Haggloader 7HR/7HR-B / 10HR/10HR-B
  • PowerRoc T25 DC
  • PowerRoc T40
  • PowerRoc D45
  • PowerRoc T50
  • PowerRoc D55
  • PowerRoc D60
  • FlexiRoc: T20 R / T35 / T35R /T40 / T45/D50/D60/D65
  • SmartRoc T35/T40/T45/D50/C50/D60/D65 etc…
  • Boyles C5/C5C
  • Boyles C6/C6C
  • Boyles C8C
  • Christensen 140/CT20
  • Diamec 232/PHC-4/PHC6….
  • TH10/TH10 OBD
  • RD20II / Predator 220K/250K
  • DM30 II
  • DM30 II SP
  • DM45/50
  • DML
  • DM75 
  • PV231, PV235, PV271, PV275, PV311, PV351
  • COP / COP M / DHD Gold
  • Hydraulic Spare Parts: SB / MB / HB Series

For Epiroc Parts or Drilling Rigs, free free to contact us now. Just submit the "RFQ " inquiry form below with all the spare parts numbers or attach excel form. Our sales engineers will reply with solution timely.

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