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Atlas Copco Epiroc Spare Parts Catalog -Pdf

CPMC provides a full range of open-pit rock drilling equipment and Epiroc rock drilling machinery parts by CPMC, to meet a wide range of requirements for construction and mine production. We supply a wide range of Epiroc rock drilling machinery and machinery spare parts for surface mining, rock quarries, and tunnels in the industry. Our clients can choose from the most advanced rock drilling machinery of our company to meet different requirements for construction and mine production. We also offer hydraulic profilers, excavators, backhoes, and other product solutions to increase efficiency in mining projects.

PowerROC series full hydraulic dew drilling rig

PowerROC D55

PowerROC T45

PowerROC T50

PowerROC D60

PowerROC T35

PowerROC D45

PowerROC T25 DC

The PowerROC series full hydraulic open-pit drilling rig adopts a hydraulic direct control design, the system is simple and stable, has Simple maintenance, has low maintenance cost in the later stage, suitable for customers transitioning from wind drills to hydraulic drills. We have every kind of part and equipment for Epiroc PowerROC series.


FlexiROC series full hydraulic dew drilling rigs

FlexiROC T35

FlexiROC D65

FlexiROC D60

FlexiROC T45

FlexiROC D55

FlexiROC D50

FlexiROC T40

FlexiROC T40 R

FlexiROC T20 R

FlexiROC T15 R

FlexiROC T30 R

FlexiROC series full hydraulic surface drilling rig is a multi-functional, high-efficiency, and reliable all-hydraulic drilling rig with electro-hydraulic control, which is convenient to operate, flexible and versatile, efficient, and reliable. This series of drilling rigs are widely used on the market, with a large number of holdings, and has proven for a long time. CPMC has full support for FlexiROC series.


SmartROC series full hydraulic exposed drilling rigs

SmartROC T35

SmartROC T40

SmartROC T45

SmartROC C50

SmartROC D65

SmartROC D50

SmartROC D55

SmartROC D60


The SmartROC is a fully hydraulic surface drilling rig that improves productivity, eliminates downtime, and lowers operating costs. It allows you to drill faster, with fewer oversights, less waste, and better control by reducing equipment wear. The SmartROC surface drilling rig is a powerful machine that integrates high performance, convenience, and safety into a single package. We offer three different drilling methods for surface drilling: Top Hammer Drilling, DTH Drilling, and the unique patented COPOLD DRILLING method. The COPROLD double rod drilling method offers the advantages of the first two, namely the high performance of top hammer drilling and the accuracy of DTH drilling.

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