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Genuine Original Bearings from CPMC China – SKF, KOYO, FAG and More, Buy More! SAVE MORE!

  1. SKF: short for Svenska Kullager-Fabriken, originally from the headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden. SKF Bearings entered China as early as 1912, and now there are many SKF authorized dealers, agents, and distributors in China. With Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC, you can expect fantastic prices for SKF ball bearings, SKF roller bearings, SKF track roller bearings, SKF plain bearings, SKF bearing units, SKF bearing grease, SKF bearing size chart. Check out more about SKF bearing catalogue from our blog resources.
  2. KOYO: The leading products of KOYO bearings from Japan are: KOYO roller  bearings, KOYO deep groove ball bearings, KOYO high-precision bearings, KOYO self-aligning bearings, KOYO seated bearings, KOYO flat ball bearings, KOYO short cylindrical roller bearings, KOYO linear guide bearings, KOYO balls Screw bearings, KOYO miniature linear guide bearings, KOYO cross roller guide bearings, KOYO reciprocating rotary bush bearings, KOYO ball sliding group bearings, KOYO cam follower bearings, etc.
  3. FAG: Full name of FAG: Fischer Aktien-Gesellschaft Fisher Co., Ltd. Acquired by INA Bearing Company in 2001, it is now part of the German Schaeffler Group (Schaeffler). Based in China, we distribute great bearings products of FAG to neighboring countries with our fantastic prices.
  4. NSK: NSK Bearing Company of Japan-NSK LTD. Headquarters: Osaki, Shinagawa District, Tokyo, Japan. NSK Bearings, started in 1916, became Japan’s first bearing manufacturer and the pioneer of Japanese bearings. In the bearing field, NSK is not only ranked first in Japan, but also in the forefront of the world. It develops and provides various types of bearings, and has made outstanding contributions to the improvement of the industry and the improvement of machinery and equipment.

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