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    Genuine Edwards spare Parts Catalog from China

    RV8 RV12 双级油封旋片真空泵 RV8 RV12 two-stage oil seal rotary vane vacuum pump
    NXDS15i 220V 科研仪器用真空泵 NXDS15i 220V vacuum pump for scientific research instruments
    连接线 PT35Y6BS2 Connecting line PT35Y6BS2
    NEXT400D 涡轮分子泵 NEXT400D turbomolecular pump
    D02999390  管接头 D02999390 pipe joint
    D14642000  测量管 D14642000 measuring tube
    C33305000 阀门 C33305000 valve
    PV25MKS ST/ST BOC  角阀 VAT 28332-GE11-0003 VAT 01228-KA24-ACC1 PV25MKS ST/ST BOC angle valve VAT 28332-GE11-0003 VAT 01228-KA24-ACC1
    真空泵 EPX180L Vacuum pump EPX180L
    D026-03-000 APG100-XLC 电子元器件 D026-03-000 APG100-XLC Electronic Components
     STP-A2203 磁悬浮分子泵 STP-A2203 magnetic suspension molecular pump
    1R119268-0002 TSQ 8000 三重四极杆泵涡轮 1R119268-0002 TSQ 8000 triple quadrupole pump turbine
    APGX-L-DN25KF 真空计 APGX-L-DN25KF vacuum gauge
    APG100-XLC 电子元器件 APG100-XLC electronic components
    真空泵 E2M275 Vacuum pump E2M275
    真空泵 E2M30 Vacuum pump E2M30
    涡旋干式泵 NXDS10i 110V Vortex dry pump NXDS10i 110V
    nXDS10i 分子泵 NXDS10i Molecular Pump
    E2M80 真空泵 E2M80 vacuum pump
    NEXT300D 分子泵 NEXT300D molecular pump
    XDS10 涡旋式真空泵 XDS10 scroll vacuum pump
    磁悬浮分子泵 STP-Ixr2206 Magnetic suspension molecular pump STP-Ixr2206
    有源真空计 PVD7025 Active vacuum gauge PVD7025
    辐射环境真空计 PRG20K Radiation environment vacuum gauge PRG20K
    NEXT400D 涡轮分子泵 NEXT400D turbomolecular pump
    nXDS10i 卧式涡旋盘真空泵 NXDS10i Horizontal Scroll Vacuum Pump
    辐射环境真空计 CPG35K Radiation environment vacuum gauge CPG35K
    辐射环境真空计 IG40EX Radiation environment vacuum gauge IG40EX
    EXT-75DX 24V 涡轮分子式高真空泵 EXT-75DX 24V turbo molecular high vacuum pump
    E2M1.5 双级油封式旋片真空泵 E2M1.5 two-stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump
    EV1000 病人监护仪 EV1000 patient monitor
    ESDP-12 涡旋真空泵 ESDP-12 Vortex Vacuum Pump
    复合分子泵 NEXT240D Composite molecular pump NEXT240D
    NEXT400D 分子泵 NEXT400D molecular pump
    E2M275 真空泵 E2M275 vacuum pump
    EXT200/200H 分子泵 EXT200/200H molecular pump
    GXS750/4200 真空泵 GXS750/4200 vacuum pump
    2571-80010 分子泵 2571-80010 molecular pump
    GX100n 卧式多级爪式真空泵 GX100n horizontal multi-stage claw vacuum pump
    nEXT200200D 分子泵 NEXT200200D molecular pump
    EH250 真空泵 EH250 vacuum pump
    E2M0.7 旋片真空泵 E2M0.7 rotary vane vacuum pump
    E2M175 E2M275 双级油封旋片真空泵 E2M175 E2M275 two-stage oil seal rotary vane vacuum pump
    顶板螺丝 MPK2 A41216720 后轴承座 IXL500Q Top plate screw MPK2 A41216720 Rear bearing seat IXL500Q
    STP-L451 磁悬浮分子泵 STP-L451 magnetic suspension molecular pump
    真空计 APG-M-NW16 Vacuum gauge APG-M-NW16
    EH500 真空泵 EH500 vacuum pump
    iXH3030 真空泵 IXH3030 vacuum pump
    STP-iXA2206 磁悬浮涡轮分子泵 STP-iXA2206 magnetic suspension turbine molecular pump
    iXH4550HT 干式真空泵 IXH4550HT dry vacuum pump
    iGX100MT 真空泵 IGX100MT vacuum pump
    E2M80 油封式旋片真空泵 E2M80 oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump
    低温泵 CTI8200 Low temperature pump CTI8200
    STP-A3003KV 分子泵电源 STP-A3003KV molecular pump power supply
    C33305000 阀门 C33305000 valve
    W6D042811  真空计 W6D042811 Vacuum Gauge
    D026-03-000 APG100-XLC 真空计 D026-03-000 APG100-XLC Vacuum Gauge
    真空计 PVD7025 vacuum gauge PVD7025 

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