Sullair Air Compressors Model 2G LS90/110 Spare Parts List with Part Numbers

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When searching for GENUINE Original spares for your Sullair Air Compressors 2G LS90/110, here you are at the right webpage. As one of the fast-growing professional world top compressors and genuine spare parts distribution network in China, Air Compressors Trade Service (official business name: Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC China) team represent you with the Sullair 2G LS90/110 Spare Parts with Parts numbers list. If you can not find the part numbers, please send your designated parts numbers or with compressors models nameplates, and we will do the cross-checking, sometimes Sullair keep updating their numbers and prices.

General Sullair Spare Parts Introduction

Here, Genuine Original Sullair 2G LS90/110 Spare Parts Numbers China supplier.The Sullair Parts refer to items such as Air filter, Ball valve, Inlet valve, Shuttle valve, Motor, Pressure regulating valve, Main unit, Solenoid valve, Oil and gas separator, Vent valve, oil separation core, Throttle, Safety valve, sight glass, Minimum pressure valve, Drain port, oil cooler, Filter, After cooler, sight glass, Temperature control spool, Automatic, drain valve, oil filter, Drain valve, vacuum switch, Heating band, Temperature sensor, Heating belt, pressure sensor, water consumption, host, main motor, oil cooler, Electric cabinet, emergency stop switch, control panel, After cooler, trap, Oil injection port, sight glass, Oil and gas separation tank, Air filter, exhaust fan, etc.
Sullair 2G LS90/110 Spare Parts with Part Numbers (User Manual Series Numbers Reference: 88292029-305)
Oil separation core                  02250229-242 1 (including gasket)
Air filter element                      02250135-155 1 ​​Filter element
Pressure regulator                  250017-280 250019-453 1
Inlet valve                               02250060-988 02250053-273 1
Return pipe filter                     02250117-782 1
Oil filter element                     250025-526 1
Minimum pressure valve        02250227-613 02250214-211 1
Temperature control valve spool repair kit   049542 1
Solenoid valve                         250038-666 2-
SULLUBE oil                           87250022-669 18.9L 5 gallons
SULLUBE oil                           87250022-670 208.2L 55 gallons
24KT oil                                  02250051-153 18.9L 5 gallons
24KT oil                                  02250051-150 208.2L 55 gallons

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