Honeywell Cable Set and Related Spare Parts Catalog Overview for 2023-2024

Genuine CC-TDOB01 Honeywell DO Terminal Honeywell China Supplier

Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. (CPMC), a well-established supplier based in China, has built a solid reputation for its exceptional delivery of industrial automation products. Our commitment to sourcing genuine products from globally recognized brands, such as Honeywell, Siemens, ABB, SEW, Rockwell, and more, sets us apart in the market. We take immense pride in offering reliable and authentic original products at highly competitive prices, tailored specifically for international resellers. As we focus on meeting the demands of resellers in the global market, our comprehensive catalog boasts a wide range of high-demand parts, including Honeywell Cable Set and Related Spare Parts Catalog Overview for 2023-2024. Emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction, we invite you to send us your RFQ inquiry and experience our exceptional service. Check out more Honeywell Genuine Parts by Reliable China supplier

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    Honeywell Parts Catalog 

    Honeywell Torque Wrench for Tap 51109612-100
    Honeywell Fuse, 0.25 Amp 51190582-125
    Honeywell Fuse, 1 Amp 51190582-210
    Honeywell Fuse, 0.5 Amp Slo-Blow 51190584-150
    Honeywell Tee Connector, LCN Coax 51190728-105
    Honeywell Terminator, UCN CarrierBandwo/chain 51190782-200
    Honeywell SPC Firmware Upgrade Kit 51191561-100
    Honeywell Battery, Ni Cad 51192060-100
    Honeywell Battery Pack NI-CAD 51192337-101
    Honeywell Connector, 75 Ohm 51192418-100
    Honeywell Drop Cable Set, 1M RG6 51195153-001
    Honeywell Drop Cable Set, 2M RG6 51195153-002
    Honeywell Drop Cable Set, 5M RG6 51195153-005
    Honeywell Drop Cable Set, 10M RG6 51195153-010
    Honeywell Cable Set, UCN Trunk RG-11, 2.5M 51195199-002
    Honeywell Cable Set, UCN Trunk RG-11, 5M 51195199-005
    Honeywell Cable Set, UCN Trunk RG-11, 10M 51195199-010
    Honeywell Cable Set, UCN Trunk RG-11, 20M 51195199-020
    Honeywell Cable Set, I/O Link, 3 Drop 51195479-200
    Honeywell FTA Mtg Channel, Narrow Rittal w/ShGrndBar 51196094-100
    Honeywell FTA Mtg Channel, Wide Rittal w/ShGrndBar 51196094-200
    Honeywell Pwr Supply, 5 Slot File, EC 51196653-100
    Honeywell Pwr Supply, 10 Slot File, EC 51196654-100
    Honeywell P/S DUAL NODE EC 51196655-100
    Honeywell Kybd, IKB w/Trackball, Desktop 51196694-200
    Honeywell Kybd, IKB w/Trackball, PS/2,Desktop 51196694-300
    Honeywell Kybd, IKB w/Trackball, ZConsole,GUS 51196694-350
    Honeywell Trackball, IKB 51196694-901
    Honeywell Function Key Panel, IKB forZConsole 51196694-909
    Honeywell Drive, 3.5in Zip 51196929-135
    Honeywell Lithium Battery (TC-BATT01) 51197593-100
    Honeywell Pwr Supply, PM 51198947-100
    Honeywell Tap Assy, 2-Drop 51201394-100
    Honeywell Tap Assy, 4-Drop (Qty 2 in Set) 51201395-100
    Honeywell Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,3M,non-CE 51201420-003
    Honeywell Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,4M,non-CE 51201420-004
    Honeywell Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,5M,non-CE 51201420-005
    Honeywell Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,8M,non-CE 51201420-008
    Honeywell Cabl1e, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,10M,non-EC 51201420-010
    Honeywell Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,12M,non-CE 51201420-012
    Honeywell Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,15M,non-CE 51201420-015
    Honeywell Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,20M,non-CE 51201420-020
    Honeywell I/O Link Module, Single, CC 51201557-150
    Honeywell I/O Link Module, Triple, CC 51201557-350
    Honeywell Cable, HPM Redundancy 51201667-100
    Honeywell Cable, I/O LIM Protection, 1.5M 51202306-915
    Honeywell ControlNet Trunk Cable (3M) 51204146-003
    Honeywell ControlNet Trunk Cable (10M) 51204146-010
    Honeywell FTA, D/I 24VDC, Comp Term, CC, CE 51204160-175
    Honeywell FTA, D/O 24VDC, Comp Term, CC, CE 51204162-175
    Honeywell HD FTA, D/O Relay, Comp Term, CC,CE 51204166-175
    Honeywell HD FTA, HLAI/STI, Comp Term, CC 51204170-250
    Honeywell HD FTA, A/O w/Standby, Comp Term,CC,CE 51204172-175
    Honeywell FTA, Serial I/F, Modbus RS-232, CC 51303932-476
    Honeywell Fan Assy w/Alarm, 115V, CC 51303940-150
    Honeywell Fan Assy w/Alarm, 230V, CC 51303940-250
    Honeywell Battery Assy, 48V 51303948-100
    Honeywell APM I/O LINK DRIVER CC 51303979-550
    Honeywell FTA, Pulse input, Comp Term, CC 51304084-175
    Honeywell FTA, Redundant A/O, Comp Term, CC 51304335-175
    Honeywell FTA, Redundant HLAI/STI, ScrewTerm,CC 51304337-250
    Honeywell IOP, LLAI Mux, CC 51304362-150
    Honeywell IOP, Serial I/F, CC 51304362-350
    Honeywell IOP, Pulse Input, CC 51304386-150
    Honeywell IOP, Fiber Optic, CC 51304419-150
    Honeywell FTA, 240VAC D/I, Comp Term, CC 51304431-175
    Honeywell FTA, LLAI, Comp Term, CC 51304437-150
    Honeywell FTA, 24VDC D/I, Comp Term, CC 51304441-175
    Honeywell FTA, HLAI/STI, Comp Term, CC 51304453-150
    Honeywell Cable, Twisted Pair w/Shield, 30cm 51304465-100
    Honeywell Cable, Twisted Pair w/Shield, 66cm 51304465-200
    Honeywell Cable, Twisted Pair w/Shield, 100cm 51304465-300
    Honeywell Cable, Twisted Pair w/Shield, 300cm 51304465-500
    Honeywell FTA, A/O, Comp Term, CC 51304476-175
    Honeywell IOP, LLAI, CC 51304481-150
    Honeywell IOP, DI, CC 51304485-150
    Honeywell IOP, D/O, CC 51304487-150
    Honeywell APM MODEM CC, R400 51304493-250
    Honeywell IOP, STI/MV, CC 51304516-250
    Honeywell APM ADV CONTROLLER CC 51304518-150
    Honeywell I/O Card, EPDGP 51304584-100
    Honeywell FTA, 120/240VAC SS D/O, Comp Term,CC,CE 51304648-175
    Honeywell FTA, 3/30VDC D/O, Comp Term, CC 51304650-150
    Honeywell APM ADV COMM CC 51304685-150
    Honeywell IOP, HLAI, CC 51304754-150
    Honeywell I/O Card, WDI, non-EC 51304903-100
    Honeywell I/O Card, SPC II, non-EC 51304907-100
    Honeywell I/O Card, SPC II, EC 51304907-200
    Honeywell I/O Card, CLCN A/B, EC 51305072-100
    Honeywell I/O Card, CLCNA, EC 51305072-200
    Honeywell I/O Card, CLCNB, EC 51305072-300
    Honeywell I/O Card, CLCNA, non-EC 51305072-500
    Honeywell I/O Card, CLCNB, non-EC 51305072-600
    Honeywell COVER, MAU 51305334-100
    Honeywell MAU Assy 51305348-100
    Honeywell IKBI2 PWA 51305378-100
    Honeywell Cable, MAU, EC 51305380-100
    Honeywell Power Cord, 220VAC 51305557-100
    Honeywell OEP/IKB Module Assy 51305776-100
    Honeywell FTA, LLMUX TC, Solid State,CC,CE 51305890-175
    Honeywell PWA, NIM Modem EC 51305896-200
    Honeywell Top Assembly LLMUX2, RTD, CE, CC 51305907-175
    Honeywell Cable Set, LCN Coax, 2M 51308111-002
    Honeywell Cable Set, LCN Coax, 3M 51308112-003
    Honeywell Cable Set, LCN Coax, 8M 51308112-008
    Honeywell Cable Set, LCN Coax, 15M 51308112-015
    Honeywell FTA, 120V D/O Relay, Comp Term, CE 51309148-125
    Honeywell FTA, 240V D/O Relay, Comp Term,CC,CE 51309150-175
    Honeywell IOP, A/O, CC 51309152-175
    Honeywell FTA, LLAI Mux/SDI/SI Pwr Adapter,CC 51309204-175
    Honeywell FTA, LLMux RTD, Comp Term, CC, CE 51309218-175
    Honeywell Battery Extension Module(conformalcoated) 51309241-175
    Honeywell PWA, HPM I/O Link, CC 51309276-150
    Honeywell PWA, RED MODULE CC 51309288-375
    Honeywell FTE Bridge Module, CC 51309512-175
    Honeywell SI Pwr Adapter, AC 51309516-175
    Honeywell AO GI/IS FTA (16), HART CC 51309540-175
    Honeywell Fan Assy, 5 Slot 51400646-100
    Honeywell PWA, SPCI 51401052-100
    Honeywell PWA, Redundant Pwr Sply, 230VAC, CC 51401135-350
    Honeywell Pwr System, AC Only,240VAC,16A,Redundant,CC 51401140-450
    Honeywell Pwr System, AC Only, 240VAC,8A,Redundant,CC 51401140-850
    Honeywell FAN ASSM, 2 NODE 51401496-100
    Honeywell Kybd, QWERTY Membrane 51401560-100
    Honeywell QWERTY KYBD KIT 51401577-100
    Honeywell PWA EPNI 51401583-100
    Honeywell PWA, EPDG2 51402089-100
    Honeywell Pwr Supply Replacement Kit, DualNodeFile 51402184-100
    Honeywell Pwr Supply Replacement Kit, 5SlotFile 51402184-200
    Honeywell QWY KYBD W/BEEPER EC 51402497-200
    Honeywell UCNIF Module Assembly CC 51402573-250
    Honeywell OEP Assy, EC 51403165-400
    Honeywell LCNP4 GPS Assy w/Card Guide 51403299-200
    Honeywell PWA, HPM Comm/Controller, CC 51403422-150
    Honeywell LIM Module CC 51403427-175
    Honeywell LIM Module CC 51403427-275
    Honeywell K4SDR 16 MW 51403519-160
    Honeywell SBHM Single Drive Assy 51403645-400
    Honeywell SBHM Motherboard Assy 51403698-100
    Honeywell PWA, LCNP4M 51403776-100
    Honeywell PWA, HPM COMM CONTROL CC 51403988-150
    Honeywell HPM File, 15 Slot, CC 51404127-250
    Honeywell Baclpanel, PM Pwr System 51404172-175
    Honeywell PM Pwr System Assy, 20AmpRedundant,CC, 51404174-275
    Honeywell PCM Assembly, CE, CC 51404305-375
    Honeywell P/S SER INT ASSY EC 51404391-125
    Honeywell 24K Memory Module 620-0024
    Honeywell Processor Power Supply 620-0036
    Honeywell 620-35 System Control Module 620-0054
    Honeywell Register Module -- 4K x 4K 620-0056
    Honeywell 620-35 Processor Module 620-0080
    Honeywell 2048 I/O Control Module 620-0085
    Honeywell Enhanced Diagnostics Module 621-0021RC
    Honeywell 240Vac Input, 16 point 621-1250RC
    Honeywell 230Vac Isolated Output, 6 point 621-2201RC
    Honeywell 24Vdc Input, 16 point 621-3560RC
    Honeywell 24Vdc Input, 32 point 621-3580RC
    Honeywell 24Vdc Source Output, 16 point 621-6550RC
    Honeywell Redundant Serial I/O Module 621-9938RC
    Honeywell Serial Link Module 621-9939C
    Honeywell Serial I/O Module 621-9940C
    Honeywell HD IOP, HPM A/O, CC 80363969-150
    Honeywell HD IOP, HPM D/I, CC 80363972-150
    Honeywell HD IOP, HPM D/O, CC 80363975-150
    Honeywell HD FTA, A/O Redn, Comp Term, CC 80366177-250
    Honeywell Cable, Bridge 1M 80366198-100
    Honeywell FUSE 0.5 AMP 83957061-002
    Honeywell FUSE 1 AMP 83957061-003
    Honeywell FUSE, 1.6 AMP 83957061-004
    Honeywell ControlNet T Tap right angle 9904-TPR
    Honeywell ControlNet T Tap straight angle 9904-TPS
    Honeywell 24 Vdc to 30 Vdc/1 A converter FS-TPSU-2430
    Honeywell Fail-safe 0(4)-20 mA analoginputFTA FS-TSAI-1620m
    Honeywell DI FTA Moudle FS-TSDI-16UNI
    Honeywell DO FTA Moudle FS-TSDO-0824
    Honeywell 3410748 Fail-safe Gas #NAME? detectorinputFTA FS-TSGAS-1624
    Honeywell 3410706 Fail-safe digital outputFTA FTA-T-02
    Honeywell 3410724 Fail-safe digital input FTA FTA-T-21
    Honeywell HM Upgrade Kit,Dual 1.8GB Drivesw/oTray MP-ZHMU18-100
    Honeywell HM Upgrade Kit, Dual 1.8GBDrivesw/Tray MP-ZHMU19-100
    Honeywell Upgrade Kit, Single Bernoulli to SingleZipDr MP-ZIP100-100
    Honeywell MOUSE UPGRADE KIT MP-ZMSE01-100
    Honeywell CNI Module, Single Media TC-CCN013
    Honeywell CNI Module, Redundant Media TC-CCR013
    Honeywell CNI Module, RedundantMedia(TC-CCR013) TC-CCR014
    Honeywell Ethernet Interface Module, 10/100MB TC-CEN021
    Honeywell 120/240vac Pwr Supply TC-FPCXX2
    Honeywell 24Vvdc Pwr Supply TC-FPDXX2
    Honeywell 10 Slot Chassis, 13 Amp TC-FXX102
    Honeywell 13 Slot Chassis, 13 Amp TC-FXX132
    Honeywell 17 slot chassis, 13 amp TC-FXX172
    Honeywell Analog Input 6pt Module, CIOM-A TC-IAH061
    Honeywell AI 16 Module (single or 8diff.),CIOM-A TC-IAH161
    Honeywell DC Input Module 24vdc 32pt, CIOM-A TC-IDD321
    Honeywell DC Input Module 24vdc 16pt(isoltd.),CIOM-A TC-IDJ161
    Honeywell AC Input Module 220vac 16pt, CIOM-A TC-IDW161
    Honeywell Thermocouple Input Module6pt,CIOM-A TC-IXL061
    Honeywell Thermocouple Input Module6pt,CIOM-A TC-IXL062
    Honeywell RTD Input Module 6pt, CIOM-A TC-IXR061
    Honeywell Analog Ouput 6pt Mod (4-20MA)CIOM-A TC-OAH061
    Honeywell Analog Output Module 6 pt(10V),CIOM-A TC-OAV061
    Honeywell AO Module 8pt (4-20ma &10V),CIOM-A TC-OAV081
    Honeywell AC Output Module 120/220vac16pt,CIOM-A TC-ODA161
    Honeywell DC Output Module 24vdc 32 pt,CIOM-A TC-ODD321
    Honeywell DC Output Module 24vdc 16pt, CIOM-A TC-ODJ161
    Honeywell AC Output Module 120/220vac16pt,CIOM-A TC-ODK161
    Honeywell ControlNet Interface Card (PCI Bus) TC-PCIC01
    Honeywell ControlNet Interface Module, PCIbus TC-PCIC02
    Honeywell 120/240 VAC Redundant Power Supply TC-RPCXX1
    Honeywell Field Wiring Connector 36 pos TC-TBCH
    Honeywell Field Wiring Connector 20 pos TC-TBNH
    Honeywell CNI, Redundant Media,Coated(TK-CCR013) TK-CCR014
    Honeywell Conformal coated 24VDC Pwr Supply TK-FPDXX2
    Honeywell 13 slot chassis, coated, 13 amp TK-FXX132
    Honeywell AI 16 Module, CIOM-A, Coated TK-IAH161
    Honeywell DC Input 24vdc 32pt, CIOM-A, Coated TK-IDD321
    Honeywell Thermocouple Input 6pt,CIOM-A,Coated TK-IXL061
    Honeywell RTD Input 6pt, Coated TK-IXR061
    Honeywell Analog Output 8pt, CIOM-A, Coated TK-OAV081
    Honeywell DC Output 24vdc 32 pt, Coated TK-ODD321
    Honeywell IKB Keyboard w/Trackball, Desktop TP-DIKBTA-100
    Honeywell LCNP4M Interface Card, Mid-siz TP-LCNP02-100
    Honeywell OEP Adapter, 240V, Deskside IKB TP-OPADP1-200
    Honeywell OEP ADAPTER FOR DESK, WKS2, 24 TP-OPADP1-201
    Honeywell MC-GDID13 DI FTA GI Digital Input 51304728-175
    Honeywell MU-GDID13 DI FTA GI/IS SS CE 4013 51304728-125
    Honeywell MC-GDID13 DI FTA GI SS CE CC 4013 51304728-175
    Honeywell MU-GDID83 DI FTA GI SS CE 4013 CRMP 51304728-325
    Honeywell MC-GDID83 DI FTA GI SS CE CC CRIMP 51304728-375

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