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If you are looking for competitive prices for any Honeywell Genuine parts such as Alcont, Experion LS, Experion PKS,Experion HS,Plant Scape,TDC 2000,TDC3000,TPS and many others, here you are Lucky to find us. As one of the main genuine parts international distribution network based in China, Pudding Mechatronic Co has the full solution for Honeywell Genuine Parts. Wish you will win more and more tenders with our company strong support for any genuine parts and “FANTASTIC Offers

Genuine BRAND NEW Honeywell Parts by Reliable Supplier – China Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC

Honeywell Quality Control System Solution

Honeywell transforms process control beyond traditional distributed control system (DCS) capabilities to increase business agility by unifying assets, processes and people. Honeywell’s control, monitoring and safety systems provide integrated process control and advanced safety with better lifecycle support to protect and future-proof the user’s investment.

Honeywell Quality Control System Safety cable

To ensure you have the right cable for the right application, our multiconductor cables are manufactured in a variety of size sizes, shielding configurations and ratings, including plenum, riser and general purpose, to meet a wide range of safety needs. Get cables that can be used for critical applications like alarms, and reliable wiring for walkie-talkies, speakers, and other power-constrained low-voltage circuits.

Honeywell Access Control Cable

Our well-engineered PROFUSION access control cables feature a revolutionary twisting scheme that holds the pairs together without binding, preventing deterioration and making installation easier, just tape the ends and pull. This represents the most cost-effective solution for bundled cable applications.

Honeywell Network and IP Cables

Honeywell Genesis Series cables meet a wide range of electrical needs through its comprehensive portfolio of versatile category cables, now including Cat 6A and Cat 5e/6 Plus shielded cables. With options to increase signal speed, improve uninterrupted connections, and enhance overall data security, there is a category cable for nearly every application.

American Honeywell HC900 system card spare parts; American Honeywell ST3000 series, SmartLine700 series differential pressure and temperature transmitters, burners and accessories and boiler related products, Honeywell program controller, ignition transformer, oil pump, oil nozzle, electric eye, fan blade, hydraulic cylinder, ignition wire, flame plate, combustion cylinder, filter, damper actuator, servo motor, gas leak detector, air pressure switch, gas pressure switch , Gas solenoid valve, fuel solenoid valve, high voltage line, motor, flame stabilization disc, etc. Honeywell Honeywell DCS card spare parts, Honeywell Honeywell circuit breaker, Honeywell travel switch, Hon eywell Honeywell limit switch, Honeywell Honeywell relay, Honeywell differential pressure, temperature transmitter.
Valves for Series V5011P,V5011N, V5211F, V5216A, V5328A, V5088A, V5013N, V5013P, V5329A, V5050A, VBA216-P series ball valve, VBA216-F series ball valve, VN6013, VC6013 series electric valve, VN4013 series electric valve, ML series valve actuator, CN series valve actuator, OM series valve actuator, VC series valve actuator, V5032Y series static balance valve, V4SV series static balance valve, DPCV Series Automatic Differential Pressure Control Valve
V2CF and V5CF series dynamic flow balance valve, V4 series electric butterfly valve, T6818 Series LCD Thermostat, TF228WN Series LCD Thermostat, T6373 Series Mechanical Thermostat, T6812 Series LCD Thermostat, T6820 Series LCD Thermostat, T6800 Series LCD Thermostat, T6861 Series LCD Thermostat, Honeywell Controller and modules: TDC 2000, TDC3000, TPS, C300 Controller

Honeywell automatic control valve, VPIC series valve, Honeywell FCU Electric Valve, VC4013 series electric valve, Honeywell Valve Actuator
EM series valve actuator, Honeywell Balance Valve, VDP series dynamic differential pressure balance valve, Honeywell V8 series electric butterfly valve
Honeywell Controller, TF428 Series LCD Thermostat, T9275 Series LCD Thermostat, Honeywell temperature sensor, Honeywell Humidity Sensor, Honeywell Concentration Sensor, Honeywell pressure sensor, Honeywell WEBs Building Automation System, Honeywell EXCEL5000 system, UB series LCD thermostat, Honeywell Differential Pressure Switch, Honeywell Building Automation System  Feel free to send RFQ Email:; or

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  • CC-GAOX11
  • CC-GAIX11
  • CC-GAOX21
  • CC-GAIX21
  • CC-GDIL11
  • 10310/3/1CC
  • CC-PSP401
  • CC-TSV211
  • CC-TSP411 and many more…

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