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Genuine Ingersoll Rand Airend TOP Promotion Offer 2022 – Brand New Original Screw Elements – Reliable China Supplier

We provide Genuine Ingersoll Rand airend for full scope of Ingersoll Rand compressors, from rotary screw oil injected to oil free screw compressors, and Doosan portable compressors. For RFQ quick quotation, please provide the correct part numbers, air compressors models, etc for different screw element service stages. 

Import Ingersoll Rand Airend / Screw Element from CPMC China for BIG SAVING for more import businesses

Here are some of the Ingersoll Rand Airend Parts Numbers for your references (we have more and long list of IR Airend/screw elements, details are upon inquiry). CPMC China, as one of the main China Air Compressors and Genuine Parts distribution network, we are specialized in distributing Ingersoll Rand Brand New and Genuine Airend, Airend related service kits, overhaul kits or any other genuine parts for your Ingersoll Rand Equipments.

39862990 Ingersoll Rand Airend 297/250MM 84149090
39632211 Ingersoll Rand AIREND 226 MM R 84149090
17264326 Ingersoll Rand AIREND 297-250MM-2STG-R 84149090
39225297 Ingersoll Rand AIREND CF75D6 R 84149090
47680304001 Ingersoll Rand REBUILD AIREND CF90D2 84149090
39632146 Ingersoll Rand AIREND 178.5 MM R 84149090
17262569 Ingersoll Rand AIREND CE55 SHORT SHAFT R 84149090
17262528 Ingersoll Rand AIREND 285MM R 84149090
42521880 Ingersoll Rand AIREND CF 90G 6 R 84149090
17264425 Ingersoll Rand AIREND 226 – 182MM-2SG-R 84149090
      22637219          Ingersoll Rand AIREND CF75D8 GENUINE   84149090

Beside Ingersoll Rand, we also serve Atlas Copco air ends, Sullair Airend, etc. If you can not find one, please specify your requests with compressors models, name plate, pictures etc, and we will answer you soon. Email: WhatsApp:

Genuine Brand Ingersoll Rand Airend China Distributor
Genuine Brand New Ingersoll Rand Airend China Distributor

For Ingersoll Rand Airend stock availability, leading and delivery time, prices, etc, please submit your RFQ inquiry here!

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