Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Spare Parts List Catalog Part 3

24900342 Ingersoll Rand Original Separator China Supplier
Reliable CPMC China creates Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Spare Parts Catalog and if you need the related spare parts such as Air Filter, Oil Separator, Valve, Gasket, Oil Seal, Gear, Sensor, Kit Element, Fan, Cooler, etc. you can look up in this catalog. If you are not sure spare parts number, just do not hesitate to send us your onsite air compressor nameplate, model series number, or a few clear photos for our further reference. Our proficient and experienced service team will find out to get the right match for your designated air compressor. The Trustworthy China Air Compressor Distribution Network always strives to supply our overseas customers with All GENUINE Original air compressors and spare parts. Meanwhile, we have always adhered to the original intention of providing customers with a good shopping experience. Finally, we will continue to keep the Ingersoll Rand spare parts numbers updated, so you can continue to follow!
Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Spare Parts List Catalog Part 3
Part Numbers   零件号 Part Names    零件名 Chinese Name   零件中文名
24837668 Pre filter 7-11 kW 前置过滤器 7-11 kW
24356107 Check valve 止回阀
24355786 Cooling fan 冷风扇
24500712 Temperature sensor environment 温度传感器环境
23897838 Temperature sensor host 温度传感器主机
24528432 Damping pad 7-11 kW 阻尼垫 7-11 kW
24355638 Host assembly SRL 5.5C 主机组件 SRL 5.5C
24500597 Host assembly SRL 2.2C 主机组件 SRL 2.2C
48957914 Air duct SRL 5.5 C 风管 SRL 5.5 C
48957849 Air duct SRL 2.2C 风管 SRL 2.2C
48957922 Pulley SRL 5.5C 滑轮 SRL 5.5C
48957856 Pulley SRL 2.2C 滑轮 SRL 2.2C
48957930 Cooling fan SRL 5.5C 冷却风扇 SRL 5.5C
48957864 Cooling fan SRL 2.2C 冷却风扇 SRL 2.2C
48957948 Air guide cover SRL 5.5C 导气罩 SRL 5.5C
48957872 Air guide cover SRL 2.2C 导气罩 SRL 2.2C
48957955 Wind hood side panel SRL 5.5C 风罩侧板 SRL 5.5C
48957880 Wind hood side panel SRL 2.2C 防风罩侧板 SRL 2.2C
48957898 Exhaust sealing plate SRL-2.2/5.5C 排气密封板SRL-2.2/5.5C
24500597 Bolt SRL 2.2/5.5C 螺栓 SRL 2.2/5.5C
24500696 Controller 控制器
23180565 Door Lock 门锁
24355968 Left side panel 左侧面板
24355588 Host motor installation 主机电机安装
24355596 Motor adjustment support 电机调整支持
24355711 Motor 5.5 kW(W7-11 lower layer) 电机5.5 kW(W7-11下层)
24355745 Split pin 开口销
24528432 Shock cushion 减震垫
24676876 Electric wire (motor wire) 电线(电机线)
24355638 Host SRL-5.5C W7-11(lower layer) 主机 SRL-5.5C W7-11(下层)
24355737 Motor 2.2 kW(W7 upper layer) 电机2.2kW(W7上层)
24500957 Host SRL-2.2C W7(upper layer) 主机SRL-2.2C W7(上层)
49066962 Belt XPZ 1537 W7-11 10Bar(lower layer) 皮带 XPZ 1537 W7-11 10Bar(下层)
48858799 Motor pulley W7(lower layer)10Bar 电机皮带轮W7(下层)10Bar
24698276 Belt XPZ 1400 W7(upper layer)10Bar 皮带 XPZ 1400 W7(上层)10Bar
48858781 Motor pulley W7(upper layer)10bar 电机皮带轮W7(上层)10bar
24356115 Main frame fixed upper bracket W7 主机架固定上支架W7
24356123 Host fixed lower bracket W7 主机固定下支架W7
24355414 Cooler level 1 冷却器 1 级
24355836 Cooler bracket assembly 7.5kW(lower layer) 冷却器支架总成 7.5kW(下层)
24762395 Exhaust pipe 7.5 kW (upper layer) 排气管 7.5 kW(上层)
24759995 Exhaust pipe 7.5 kW(lower layer) 排气管 7.5 kW(下层)
24355422 Cooler level 2 冷却器 2 级
24355786 Fan 230 V 风扇 230 V
24355901 Cooler bracket 冷却器支架
24356271 Exhaust pipe 排气管
18990762 Safety valve 10/11 bar compatible to Model W7i-A10 安全阀 10/11 bar 兼容 W7i-A10 型
39875570 Air over speeder 空气超速器
23990716 Pressure sensor 压力传感器
95926028 Emergency stop button 紧急停止按钮
19002997 British screw mother 英式螺母
19003037 Breaker,3VU1340 1MK00 W7 断路器,3VU1340 1MK00 W7
24356131 Breaker,3VU1340 1MM00 W7 断路器,3VU1340 1MM00 W7
24684649 Plate,Back panel 板,背板
24684656 Contractor,5ST3 020-0CC 承包商,5ST3 020-0CC
24042145 Transformer 变压器
24042145 KIT,Power terminal 3P-PE KIT,电源端子 3P-PE
24614760 KIT Terminal 套件终端
24684607 Contractor,3RT60,17-1AN21(12A) 承包商,3RT60,17-1AN21(12A)
24684623 Breaker (2A,2P,D) 断路器 (2A,2P,D)
24684631 Breaker(2A,1P,C) 断路器(2A,1P,C)
19003011 Breaker(2A,1P,D) 断路器(2A,1P,D)
24854382 Circuit Breaker 断路器
24854408 Suction Air filter service package 吸入空气过滤器服务包
24854416 Host seal service package SRL 5.5C 主机密封服务包 SRL 5.5C
47650096001 Host seal service package SRL 2.2C 主机密封服务包 SRL 2.2C
47662839001 Host seal service package SRL5.5CB 主机密封服务包SRL5.5CB
47662840001 Moisturizing Grease 保湿油脂
88233242 Kit Inlet Valve 进气阀保养包
88245436 Kit MPV SSR/Minimum Pressure Valve 最小压力阀保养包
Grease Gun 黄油枪
Safety valve 安全阀门
Pressure gauge 压力计
Cartridges of Precision filters FA75IH,FA75ID&FA75IG 精密过滤器滤芯FA75IH,FA75ID&FA75IG
Housing O-rings of FA75IH,FA75ID&FA75IG FA75IH,FA75ID&FA75IG的外壳O型圈
Differential Gauge of FA75IH,FA75ID&FA75IG FA75IH,FA75ID&FA75IG差速器
Precision filters FA75IH,FA75ID&FA75IG(complete) 精密过滤器FA75IH,FA75ID&FA75IG(完整)
Desiccant material packages(for5 times replacement) 干燥剂材料包(5次更换)
Inlet valve (left and right) 进气阀(左右)
Outlet valve (left and right) 出口阀(左右)
Exhaust valve(left and right) 排气阀(左右)
Regeneration control valve 再生控制阀
Check valve 止回阀
Muffler 消音器
Control valve 控制阀
Pre-Solenoid valve 前置电磁阀
Left and right tower pressure gauge 左右塔压力表
Control gas circuit regulating valve 控制气路调节阀
Control gas pressure reducing valve 控制气体减压阀
Throttle orifice 节流孔

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