Air Compressor Cooling Characteristics Well Explained by CPMC

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors Cooling System

What are the typical air compressor cooling characteristics? Here let Chengdu based air compressor services company – Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC explain it well. Air compressor cooling characteristics: no mater whether it is tube type or layer plate structure, the air in the shell, the materials in the tube are cooled by circulating water. The cooling circulating water can be used to control the temperature of the air path, and it is not easy to be harmed by the weather and heat. But because of dirt or dust or the water resources availability and cost, the maintenance is somehow not always convenient.

The key defect of the tube-fin heat exchanger is that the flow channel is small in size, it is very easy to block, and the maintenance and cleaning are difficult, so the raw materials to be solved should be clean or clean in advance. In addition, because the baffle and the plate-fin type are made of It is made of thin aluminum alloy plate, so it is stipulated that the heat transfer material does not corrode the aluminum profile.

The reduction in the actual heat transfer effect of the heat exchanger is generally caused by the following reasons:

The key to the air compression system in the screw air compressor is a water cooler and a compressed air cooling tower. There are two ways of cooling and water cooling. Whether it is air cooling or water cooling cooling towers, high-temperature compressed air will be used in the entire cooling process. Condensed water appears to be precipitated and gathers on the plate-fin type to produce a “water bridge”, which blocks the circulation of air, which in turn expands the air pressure and reduces the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

The natural environment in the entire mechanical work is too extreme, and too much stains cause the external plate-fin block of the heat exchanger. The actual effect of natural ventilation is poor, which causes the actual effect of the heat exchanger to be poor. After a long period of time, the grease will not be replaced, which will cause the inner wall to be blocked and harm The actual effect of heat transfer.

Air Compressor Cooling Solution

The heat pipe radiator with lightly blocked external fins can be cleaned with a high-pressure water pump or a gasoline heat exchanger. In some extreme conditions in the office environment, can Ingersoll Rand air compressor design Lift the dust cover outside the heat exchanger. The lubricating oil should be removed and replaced after a certain period of time to prevent clogging. In the design plan, a part of the capacity of the air cooling is appropriately increased to prevent the reduction of heat exchange efficiency in the whole process of long-term application.

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