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Use of Woodworking Circular Saw Blades Safety Warning

Please be sure to wear helmets, gloves, protective glasses, etc. according to labor safety regulations. Sharp serrations may cause accidental injury. The cutter head is easy to heat during use, please do not use it in an environment with fire or explosion hazards.

◆ The machine where the saw blade is installed must have necessary safety protection measures, otherwise it may cause accidental injury.
◆ Only qualified persons who understand the safety instructions can be allowed to install saw blades and operate equipment.
【before use】
Confirm whether the saw blade is suitable for the installed machine and the material to be cut? When it is not suitable, the saw blade may produce chipping and other abnormalities. Is there any foreign matter attached to the cutter head?
Are there gaps in the cutter head? And is there any deformation or cracks in the Taijin? Do not use if any.

◆ The machine should have good performance, and the spindle accuracy should meet the national standards. The spindle accuracy directly affects the cutting effect and the life of the saw blade.
◆ Please use flanges that are free from wear, deformation, foreign matter adhesion, and the left and right outer diameters are the same. Fix it firmly, avoid loosening and shaking.
◆ The size of the flange is about 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade. Using a flange smaller than the standard diameter will severely damage the saw blade, please do not use it.
Specification of saw blade diameter and standard flange diameter:

Saw blade diameter mm Standard flange diameter mm
205mm  80mm
255mm 100mm
305mm 100mm
355mm 120mm

Saw blade diameter mm Standard flange diameter mm
405mm 120mm
455mm 140mm
505mm 160mm
610mm 160mm
If you use a flange diameter other than the standard, the saw blade parameters will be changed, please consult the sales personnel for details.

  • Do not exceed the speed (Nmax) shown on the saw blade table metal. The speed on the table metal is calculated based on the diameter of the flange.
  • Please pay attention to the direction of rotation of the saw blade. Reverse rotation of the saw blade may cause the blade to be missing and fly away and cause injury.
  • Please make sure that the saw blade is installed firmly to prevent the saw blade from turning on the machine spindle and causing deformation or abrasion of the center hole of the saw blade.
    If the saw blade has not been installed properly, please do not remove the sawtooth protective rubber sleeve, otherwise the cutter head may be damaged due to the installation.


  • Do not touch the rotating saw blade. There is a direct risk of serious injury or being involved.
    When pushing the material by hand, please stand in a fixed place to keep it stable. Do not stand in front of the rotating saw blade, as there is a danger of flying out.
  • When cutting metal materials, please ensure sufficient cooling, otherwise the resulting high temperature may cause the saw teeth to fall off and cause damage.
  • If there are abnormal noises, vibrations, deformation of the cut surface, etc. during cutting, please stop the operation directly for inspection.
  • Check whether the material to be cut is mixed with hard foreign matter, otherwise the saw teeth may be damaged or rebound may cause injury.
  • Please note that there may be short materials or foreign objects falling into the saw blade in the machine saw, which will cause the saw teeth to fall off or break.
  • When the cutting quality is unacceptable or the sawing noise increases, please re-grind the saw blade.

Re-grinding and re-processing

Please go to the professional circular saw blade processing point when the cutter head needs to be re-grinded, the metal and the center hole need to be modified.

When re-grinding, the original angle of the blade should be maintained in the new state of the saw blade for grinding, otherwise it will cause loss due to poor grinding.
The coated teeth on the cutter head are different from the usual circular saw blades, and the grinding method is also different. Please pay special attention.
After re-grinding, please confirm whether the cutter head is still falling off, missing, or not ground, which may cause poor cutting or injury.

The reprocessing (reaming) of the saw blade is recommended not to exceed the original hole 20mm, otherwise it will cause loss of tension and the cutting effect of the saw blade will be affected.

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