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The cutting method is used to process wood into tools of the required shape and size. There are two types of woodworking knives: hand-use and machine-use. Machine-use woodworking knives are used in batch and mass production. Machine-used woodworking tools are divided into five categories: saws, blades, milling cutters, drills, and tenoning tools.

Woodworking saws  

The knives used for sawing wood include circular saws, band saws, band saws, chain saws and tube saws, among which circular saws and band saws are the most commonly used. When the saw cut is parallel to the wood grain, it is called longitudinal cutting (split), and when the saw cut is perpendicular to the wood grain, it is called cross cut (truncated).

The blade is a flat knife with a cutting edge, which is used for plane processing or cutting of wood. The blades with different parameters can be installed on various machine tools to perform processing in different ways, such as planing, peeling, scraping and shearing. Planing is used for plane processing, and the blade or workpiece generally moves in a straight line. Under certain conditions (such as reducing the cutting angle), it can cut thin wood, which is a high-quality decorative material. When peeling, the wood rotates around a fixed center, and the blade makes a continuous linear movement toward the center to cut the wood into strip-shaped thin wood (single board) for the production of plywood. Shearing is used to cut veneers during the production of plywood.

Woodworking Milling Cutter  

A rotary cutter with one or more teeth. Through the relative movement of the workpiece and the milling cutter, each tooth cuts off the margin of the workpiece in turn and intermittently. Woodworking milling cutter installation card methods are divided into two types: hole-fit milling cutter and shank milling cutter. The structure of the set milling cutter has three types: integral type, insert type and combined type. Milling cutters are widely used for processing planes, forming surfaces, mortises, mortises, grooves, and engraving in joinery production. Compared with milling cutters for metal cutting, woodworking milling cutters have larger rake and back angles in order to obtain a sharp edge and reduce cutting resistance. Another feature is that the number of cutting teeth is less and it has a larger chip holding space. In addition to tool steel and alloy steel, the materials of woodworking milling cutters are also widely used in cemented carbide to improve production efficiency and tool life.

Woodworking Drill Bit  

Woodworking drill bit is a rod-shaped or spiral-shaped tool with a cutting edge at the end, which is used for processing through holes or blind holes. The difference between woodworking drills and woodworking end mills is that there is no edge on the side. In addition to the main cutting edge, the woodworking drill has a sharp sunken cutting edge on the outer edge to cut the wood fiber and make the side of the hole more flat.

Tenon Hole Processing Tools  

There are many special tools for processing mortise holes, such as hollow square chisels, hollow square chisels with drill bits, chain punches and machine chisels, etc. The end face of the hollow square chisel has a crescent-shaped cutting edge, which is used to cut square corners around the drill hole. A hollow square chisel with a drill bit is a combination of a drill bit and a square chisel, and the drill bit is installed in the hollow square chisel. The chain punch is a continuously rotating chain-type multi-tooth tool, which is similar to milling or longitudinal sawing when processing tenon holes. When using a machine chisel to make a mortise hole, the chisel makes a reciprocating cutting movement up and down.

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