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The precision filter is to achieve high-precision filtration quality of compressed air. It uses multiple layers of different filter materials. Compressed air is often used as an energy and power. In order to reduce operating costs and improve work efficiency, it is necessary to purify this compressed air. Only in this way can we achieve high-quality air without oil and impurities.

Compressed air pipeline filter can filter out liquid and solid particles as small as 1μm, reaching the lowest residual oil content of only 0.5ppm, with trace moisture, dust and oil mist. It is used for pre-treatment before Class A filter to further improve air quality. Especially for areas with higher requirements for the filtered water quality, in general, the automatic ballast water filter also works together with the ultrasonic ultraviolet sterilizer, mainly because the ultrasonic ultraviolet sterilizer can remove the suspended solids and fungi hidden in the water , Corrosives, organics and other small particles and other impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality.

Features of Compressed Air Line Filter

1.The circulation path is expanded to reduce the pressure drop;
2. The shell is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and carbon steel materials;
3. The surface is sprayed with epoxy resin powder to improve durability and corrosion resistance;
4. The inlet and outlet adopt threaded interface type, and the air flow direction is marked on the shell, and it is easy to install;
5. Compact equipment, reducing the space required for maintenance.

If your application requires the cleanest compressed air, our line filters and filter cartridges will make that happen with optimal efficiency.

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