Xi’an International CNC Machine and Tools Exhibition March 17-20, 2022

Xian International Convention and Exhibition Center China 2022 International Trade

Time: March 17-20, 2022
Location: Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center


  1. China Machinery Industry Federation
  2. China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
  3. Xi’an Municipal People’s Government
  4. Shaanxi Economic Federation
  5. Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce
  6. China Communications Industry Association
  7. National Federation of Industry and Commerce Technology and Equipment Chamber of Commerce


  1. Xi’an City Accelerates the Development of the Leading Group for the Equipment Manufacturing Industry
  2. Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission
  3. Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Industry
  4. State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government
  5. Shaanxi Provincial Office of Defense Technology and Aviation Industry
  6. Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Industrial Economics
  7. Shaanxi Machinery Industry Federation
  8. Shaanxi Mechanical Engineering Society
  9. Shaanxi Equipment Management Association

Organizer:Leo Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Introduction

The Western China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo and China Eurasian International Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Western Manufacturing Expo and Eurasian Industry Expo”) are organized by China Machinery Industry Federation, China Communications Industry Association, Xi’an Industry and Information Technology The bureau focused on creating a large-scale industrial equipment expo featuring product display, theme forums, procurement and supply matching, business negotiation, exchanges and cooperation, featuring “classified industrial chain display, one-stop centralized procurement”. The Western Manufacturing Expo and the Eurasian Industry Fair started in 2003. After 18 years of accumulation and development, it has made great progress. It has become an important exhibition in the field of equipment industry in Western my country. Each exhibition attracts thousands of well-known companies at home and abroad to participate. Participate. So far, the Western Manufacturing Expo and the Eurasian Industry Fair have accumulated more than 1.402 million square meters of exhibition area, the number of exhibitors has exceeded 22,699, and the number of visitors has exceeded 1,347,200.

The 2022 Xi’an International CNC Machine Tool Exhibition and the 30th Western Manufacturing Expo will be held at the Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center on March 17-20, 2022. The conference has 6 indoor exhibition halls + outdoor exhibition halls with an exhibition area of ​​80,000 square meters. Focus on display of CNC machine tools, sheet metal processing, laser cutting, tool measuring equipment, industrial automation and robots, intelligent equipment and precision parts, power transmission and fluid hydraulics, smart logistics, military equipment and aerospace, electronic information, service trade, light industry Equipment and other content, gather high-end equipment manufacturing R&D design, production processing, manufacturing service resources, display new achievements in innovation, green, and open development, and promote the deep integration of the physical industry with the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence. A series of key events such as the Western Equipment Manufacturing Industry Development and Manufacturing Intelligence Development Forum, China Western Industrial Information Development Forum, China Intelligent Manufacturing Entrepreneurs Conference Xi’an Summit, and Machine Tool and Automation Expert Forum will be held at the same time.

With new exhibition halls, new journeys, and new breakthroughs, the 2022 Western Manufacturing Expo and Eurasian Industry Fair will continue to focus on the construction of the Belt and Road and promote the high-quality development of the equipment manufacturing industry. The concept of “stationary centralized procurement” keeps abreast of market development trends, subdivides exhibition area planning, cultivating industry buyers, and further strengthens the integration and interaction of “research, exhibition, investment and negotiation”, precise connection of projects, and refined services. “Western Manufacturing Expo and Eurasian Industry Fair” is taking a solid step towards a professional, high-end, and international first-class industrial brand exhibition.

The 2022 Xi’an International CNC Machine Tool Fair is a professional exhibition of the Western Manufacturing Expo. The total area of ​​the Western Manufacturing Expo is expected to be 80,000 square meters. The exhibitors are expected to exceed 1,000. All colleagues are welcome to participate in the exhibition, visit and guide.

Audience invitation

The expo adopts an international operation model, and the work of attracting exhibitions and investment is promoted simultaneously. Before the exhibition, make full use of the relevant websites and media of the expo to extensively solicit market needs and cooperation intentions. Adopt preferential policies and arrange special personnel to be responsible for the invitation of buyers, focusing on inviting international and domestic manufacturing multinational companies, well-known brands, and enterprises and institutions with purchasing intentions and purchasing strength in Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou and other places to reside in the exhibition to achieve exhibitors Interact with buyers on the same site.

Xian International Convention and Exhibition Center

Visitors source: automobile manufacturing, mold manufacturing, building materials manufacturing, bicycle manufacturing, professional metal processing, plastics, aircraft manufacturing, light industrial product manufacturing, shipbuilding, hardware manufacturing, electromechanical equipment manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, electronic communication product manufacturing and others Machinery manufacturing companies, and machinery design institutes, research institutes/colleges, machinery departments, manufacturing companies, trading companies and other industries.

Industry newspapers, magazines, and Internet news and publicity: will focus on famous media in the equipment manufacturing industry at home and abroad: Fogo Industrial Media, “Electromechanical Business Daily”, “China Industry News”, “Electromechanical Products Market”, “China Electromechanical Industry” “China Automobile News” and others do intensive publicity, and encourage the media to hold relevant professional conferences, high-standard professional forums and seminars.

Media publicity: The organizing committee has formed an alliance with well-known professional media in China for continuous promotion and publicity. Based on China gongkong.com, China gongkong.com, China automation network, automation network, China automatic control network, international gongkong network, “electromechanical engineering technology”, “control engineering”, “instrumentation and sensors”, “industrial control and frequency conversion”, “automation “Technology and Application”, “PLC&FA”, “Mechatronics Technology at Home and Abroad”, “Instrument Technology and Sensors” and other media.

Welcome to Xian International Convention and Exhibition Center 2022

Public media promotion: The organization will be published in “Xi’an Evening News”, “Chinese Business Daily”, “Shaanxi Daily”, “Sanqin Metropolis Daily”, “Chengdu Commercial Daily”, “Chengdu Evening News”, “Huaxi Metropolis Daily”, “Chongqing China Business Daily, Chongqing Evening News, Shaanxi Satellite TV, Sichuan Satellite TV, Chongqing Satellite TV, Gansu TV Station, Ningxia TV Station, and other newspapers and TV stations have carried out frequency-intensive advertising and news releases in major cities across the country, bringing industry professionals closer Follow the exhibition dynamics.

Touring promotion: The organizing committee plans to choose to participate in the Munich Industrial Exhibition, Essen Exhibition, Japan Industrial Exhibition, Korea Machinery Exhibition, Singapore Water Show, Shenyang Manufacturing Fair, PTC, Beijing International Machine Tool Show, Shanghai Industry Fair, Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition, Guangzhou CNC Machine Tool Exhibition, Greater Bay Area Industry Fair and other famous domestic and foreign exhibitions traveling publicity exhibitions.

Xian International Convention and Exhibition Center Meeting 2022

Scope of Exhibits

  • Metal cutting machine tools: (turning, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, sawing) machines, machining centers (horizontal, vertical, gantry, boring and milling, turning and milling combined), micro-hole machining, etc.
  • Metal forming machine tools: CNC bending machine, CNC combined punching machine, CNC pipe bending machine, CNC rotary head press, etc. CNC special processing machine tools (CNC wire (electrode) cutting machine tools, EDM machine tools, flame cutting machines, laser cutting machine tools, special combined machine tools, etc.); other types of CNC equipment (such as automatic assembly machines, multi-coordinate measuring machines, automatic drawing Machines and industrial robots, etc.).
  • Machine tool accessories: flexible organ type protective cover (leather tiger), steel plate stainless steel guide rail cover, telescopic screw cover, roller shutter protective cover, protective skirt curtain, dust-proof folding cloth, steel towline, engineering plastic towline , Steel and aluminum drag chains, machine tool work lights, machine mattress iron, JR-2 rectangular metal hoses, DGT conduit protective sleeves, adjustable plastic cooling pipes, dust suction pipes, ventilation pipes, explosion-proof pipes, stroke groove plates, collision Blocks, rail scrapers, chip conveyors, deflection instruments, platforms\granite plates\cast iron plates and various operating parts; bearings, chucks, precision mechanical translation heads, suction cups, flat-nose pliers, vane oil pumps, etc. Etc.; pneumatic and hydraulic components and devices, digital display devices, etc.; cooling and lubricating devices, rotary table and numerical control demeanor heads, drainage devices and other related factory related products, etc.
  • CNC tools: turning tools, milling cutters, boring cutters, reamers, hobs, taps/die, thread cutters, broaches, cutters, planers, saw blades, engraving tools, tool accessories (tool holders, tool holders, right Tool gauge, tool holder, tool magazine, tool holder, turret, chuck, indexing plate/indexing head); drill bits, abrasive tools (tool grinder, grinding wheel, sandpaper, polishing wheel, wire wheel, grinding machine, Polishing tools) etc.
  • 【Measurement and Automation Technology】
    Three-coordinate measuring machine, portable 3 measuring instrument, optical image measuring instrument, various precision measuring equipment, three-coordinate software system, detection system, numerical control system, servo drive system, digital display device, industrial computer, man-machine interface, electrical system integration application , Industrial robots, etc.
  • 【Tools, tools and machine function parts】
    Cutting tools, fixtures, measuring tools, measuring instruments, abrasives, diamond tools, electric/pneumatic tools, manipulators, functional components, spindles, linear guides, motors, lead screws, tool magazines, indexing heads, pneumatic hydraulics, lubrication and cooling systems Wait
  • 【Molds, accessories and other equipment】
    Mold design and manufacturing technology, mold materials, cold stamping molds, die-casting molds, injection molds, standard mold bases and accessories, die-casting and injection molding machinery, casting machinery, cleaning machinery, welding equipment, containers, tool cabinets, warehousing, logistics equipment, etc.

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