In 2021, the Air Compressor Energy-Saving Diagnosis Work Started in China

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Air compressors are widely used in steel, cement, textile, chemical, paper, mining, construction, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, electric power, petroleum and other industries as important terminal energy equipment. Air compressors account for about 20% of industrial electricity. At present, there are common phenomena of system leakage, false demand and improper use in compressor operation. The amount of energy consumed by the compressed air system is significantly higher than the actual demand.

The implementation of energy-saving diagnosis of the air compressor system and tapping the system’s energy-saving potential is an important starting point for the development of industrial green transformation. By carrying out energy-saving diagnosis of air compressor systems for power users, we can fully understand the current status of air compressor system operation and energy efficiency of relevant enterprises, evaluate the energy-saving potential of air compressor systems, and propose energy-saving renovation suggestions to serve the energy-saving, consumption-reduction and energy-saving of the leading enterprises. This efficiency enhancement work provides a basis for formulating related energy-saving policies.

Based on Zhenjiang’s 190.1 billion kilowatt-hours of industrial electricity consumption in 2019, the overall promotion of the air compressor energy efficiency improvement plan can save 370 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, which is 111,000 tons of standard coal. From 2018 to 2019, the city adopted the government procurement service method, entrusted a professional technical service company to carry out air compressor system energy-saving diagnosis services for 35 companies in the city and issued a diagnosis report, put forward more than 70 rationalization suggestions, and tapped the potential of energy-saving renovation 24% about. For example, the air compressor transformation and upgrading project of Chuanshan Mining saves 384,000 kWh and the energy-saving rate is 36%; the air compressor system of Zhentai Chemical saves 2.184 million kWh and the energy-saving rate is 36.5% and so on. Since the implementation of the diagnosis, 21 companies have implemented energy-saving transformations based on the diagnosis report, saving more than 85 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is equivalent to nearly 30,000 tons of standard coal. At the beginning of last year, Dongpu New Materials invested 4.75 million yuan in technological transformation and replaced two secondary compression air compressors. From February 2020 to the end of the year, the energy-saving effect reached 15% and the electricity bill was saved 200,000 yuan.

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