Atlas Copco Group’s Distribution Annual Conference 2019 Highlights

Atlas Copco Distributors Anual Meeting 2019

Big news: Atlas Copco Group’s Distribution Annual Conference: The world’s leading provider of gas, power and fluid solutions, Atlas Copco Power Technology Department, Atlas Copco held its annual dealer conference in Shanghai, China on December 2, 2019, and announced a series of new products.”Gathering strength, moving forward” Atlas Copco Power Technology Department’s Distributor Annual Conference was successfully held in Shanghai on December 2, 2019.

The Atlas Copco Power Technology Department’s 2019 Distributor Conference with the theme of “Gathering Strength, Moving Forward” was successfully held in Shanghai on December 2. At this Atlas Copco Dealer Conference, the Power Technology Department shared its latest developments in gas, power and fluid technologies, such as mobile air compressors, generators, water pumps and light trucks. In order to help the continuous development and development of the local market, Atlas Copco is committed to innovation and research and development, and constantly improving the local product line, and with advanced technology and professional service team, to provide end users with more efficient operation and more With low usage costs, these advancements will cover a variety of applications, from construction to manufacturing, equipment leasing, municipal engineering, oil and gas, demolition, and mining.

Mobile Air Compressor: Technological Innovation Brings Higher Benefits to Local Chinese Customers

As a benchmark in the air compressor industry, Atlas Copco has always been committed to researching and developing new technologies and launching new products, so as to bring higher profits to customers. The company’s products are widely used in water wells, mining, oil and gas, municipal and other industries, and have won unanimous praise from customers. At the beginning of 2019, many new products have been launched, and at the end of 2019, newer products have come out one after another. Advanced technology, excellent performance, and reliable quality bring greater value to customers.

XRS6006 Atlas Copco Mobile Compressor
Atlas Copco Mobile Compressors – China Distributors Network

XRS606 and XRH666 are new products tailored by Atlas Copco for the Chinese market, with reliable quality and excellent performance. This model is equipped with Atlas Copco’s high-efficiency bipolar screw rotor, which greatly improves the compression efficiency. At the same time, it adopts energy-saving expert technology to extremely effectively reduce the oil consumption of the whole machine. The use of pressure regulating expert technology expands the scope of application of the machine. The machine has a compact structure and a humanized design, which can withstand various harsh working conditions and is very suitable for applications such as drilling and blasting.

XRHS888 is a large mobile air compressor specially tailored for the Chinese market by Atlas Copco. This model is equipped with Atlas Copco’s new screw rotor with reasonable pressure and air volume ratio, which is very suitable for water well applications. XRHS888 has a compact structure, easy maintenance, and meets the national three emission standards. It is a cost-effective product that integrates stability, efficiency, and fuel economy.

XRVS1100 is a new product designed by Atlas Copco according to customer needs with excellent performance, reliability and durability, and low overall cost. This model is equipped with Atlas Copco’s high-efficiency screw rotor, powered by the National III emission Cummins engine, and the ratio of pressure and air volume is reasonable, which is especially suitable for drilling applications. The use of energy-saving experts, fuel-saving experts and other technologies can effectively reduce the fuel consumption of the whole machine. The user-friendly design and solid structure make the equipment sufficient to withstand various harsh working conditions and easy to maintain. All this is to provide customers with sustainable productivity.

Atlas Copco Generator Set: local products serve local customers

Following the successful launch of Atlas Copco’s QIS series 35-135kVA generator sets made in China in early 2019, the Wuxi factory has successively developed four new models, enriching the product portfolio of domestic QIS series generator sets. QIS415, QIS505, QIS555, QIS705. Since then, the maximum power of Atlas Copco generator sets manufactured in China has been expanded from 100kW to 500kW.
The new model is equipped with Volvo engines and Atlas Copco brand generators and control systems. The overall design and research and development are based on the original European units, and more performance, design, and configuration optimizations have been carried out to make it The products of the same type are more competitive and more in line with the user’s habits. The launch of these four new domestic models provides greater flexibility for local customers to choose, and truly serves local customers with local products.

Lighting Car: a refreshing night construction lighting experience

Atlas Copco’s lighting vehicle has been highly recognized worldwide for its robust manufacturing quality and compact size. The HiLight series of lighting vehicles are specially designed to provide a series of flexible and powerful lighting options for multiple industries and fields to ensure that they meet the needs of various aspects such as efficiency and safety.

HiLight V4+ is the latest product in Atlas Copco’s growing series of lights. This reliable product has a high cost performance, and users can economically switch from metal halide lamps to LED lighting, thereby achieving a brighter, safer, and more efficient lighting environment, and improving lighting independence.
The lighting coverage of HiLight V4+ can reach 4000 square meters, making it an ideal choice for construction and mining sites. The highlight of the new design is a larger fuel tank-the capacity has been expanded to 110 liters, and the lighting autonomy has been increased to 245 hours of continuous operation. It uses Atlas Copco’s unique alternator and is equipped with an automatic voltage regulator (AVR). Compared with the alternator regulated by a capacitor, the voltage stability and operation reliability are significantly improved.

Water pump and submersible sewage pump: for efficient drainage and mud transportation

As the world’s leading provider of drainage solutions, the Atlas Copco brand has more than 140 years of pump design and manufacturing experience. It works closely with customers all over the world to meet customers’ various water delivery needs, such as the construction industry and municipal administration. Drainage, emergency rescue, sewage treatment, industrial petrochemical and other applications. The PAS series water pump is composed of a centrifugal pump and a vacuum auxiliary system. The vacuum auxiliary system can quickly draw out the air in the pipeline and realize the separation of the steam-water mixture. Relying on this system, PAS water pump can also achieve self-priming function. Even if the water pump inlet is several meters above the water surface, the system can quickly draw out the air in the water inlet pipe, and the water pump can start draining within a few seconds. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of engineering construction, mine drainage, and pond dredging, the WEDA S series and L series submersible sewage pumps that can be used for the full flow range of mud transportation have been introduced.

About Atlas Copco Power Technology

Atlas Copco is the world’s leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. The company provides customers with innovative compressors, vacuum solutions and air handling systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. Atlas Copco focuses on the development of products and services with productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics. The company was founded in 1873 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with business scope covering more than 180 countries and regions around the world. In 2016, Atlas Copco had revenues of 101 billion Swedish kronor (11 billion euros) and had more than 45,000 employees. For more information, please visit

Power technology is a business area within the Atlas Copco Group. It provides gas, power and fluid solutions through mobile air compressors, water pumps, light trucks and generator sets, as well as a variety of supplementary products. In addition, professional leasing services are also provided through professional and global network coverage. The power technology business area continues to innovate and is committed to providing sustainable productivity for multiple industries, including construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, and exploration and drilling. The main product development and manufacturing centers are located in Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Bulgaria, China, India and the United States. For more information, please search for “Atlas Copco Power Technology”. Atlas group has a large sales net work through China national distribution system. Work closely with the supply chain of Atlas distribution network, Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC ( as China online distribution network to overseas market) is growing to serve more and more overseas buyers with competitive prices and professional services.

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